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Trump & Bolton GONNA CRUSH Global Warming! “Nuclear Warfare Will SAVE OUR PLANET!!!”

Although widely condemned as an existential threat to human life, John ‘Armchair’ Johnny Bolton, a true upper-class boy come good, has actually turned up as a MOST unlikely saviour of our dying planet. Once widely derided as an unhinged lunatic…

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Rex Returns! Doing His Part to Fight Climate Change!

NOTE FROM WALLACE:  More funny cartoons from JF! Try clicking the author’s profile for more. Some of the most innovative stuff we’ve seen in a while. Rising at the crack of dawn, Rex destroys a coal-fired power station as his…

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Deceiving the Green Movement: AOC is a Trojan Horse Who Offers Nothing New!

Do Exxon-Mobil have a right to choose? Are environmentalists all just radical anti-choice bigots? Not a joke. Let’s have a look at plastic environmentalist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the hysterically visionary Barack Obama 2.0 2020! Green New Deal” trojan horse apologist and…

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