Deceiving the Green Movement: AOC is a Trojan Horse Who Offers Nothing New!

Do Exxon-Mobil have a right to choose?
Are environmentalists all just radical anti-choice bigots?

Not a joke. Let’s have a look at plastic environmentalist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the hysterically visionary Barack Obama 2.0 2020!

Green New Deal” trojan horse apologist and master ‘mind’ (towering intellect?) AOC is actually a key apologist for the culture of death. Given the same logic underlies abortion as underlies ecocide, it is nothing short of staggering to see the cognitive dissonance of ‘pro choice’ greens. Abortion, ecocide, eugenics, euthanasia, factory farming, large-scale meat consumption, ‘population reduction,’ are all part of the very same logic of objectification, unleashed/unhinged instrumental rationality and untrammelled ‘choice.’

Here, we hear she is a ‘good Catholic.’

Here, we hear she is an abortion advocate.

I┬ástrongly recommend people to be on their guard against uncritically supporting ‘Green’ politicians who support the very same structural logic and patterns of thought and sentiment that underlie ecocide itself. You can’t say you are against the domination of nature, ecocide, imperialism, racism, misogyny, untrammelled freedom to exploit and abuse and dominate, rampant objectification, unleashed instrumental or ‘means over ends’ logic if you support ‘population reduction’ in any form: whether as a concerted government effort or an individual ‘choice.’ It’s about time people woke the fuck up and realised these things are all interlinked! Relax, don’t do it…

Ultimately, the environmental movement is a formidable force for good. Let’s always be aware, however, that old habits (and ideological conceits) die hard. Whenever you hear people talk about POPULATION REDUCTION, remember where this comes from. Bourgeois ideology. Normative Malthusianism (the application of Malthusian theory to politics, society, economy, ecology, religion, or any area of life) is a counsel of despair, and a cornerstone of the culture of death.

And the very same logic lying behind our current crisis also lies behind population reduction. You can’t save human beings by misanthropy, you can’t save human solidarity by racist, imperialistic misogyny, you can’t save life by closing your hearts to the gift and the blessing of life, and you can’t save nature by promoting unnatural coercion and domination.

AOC is part of the problem. But where does that leave us all, at a time of tremendous crisis?

Firstly, not everyone who speaks about the environment should be trusted as a reliable force.

Secondly, the environment can be misused as a Trojan horse for other agendas. This is not inevitable, but it is something to look out for.

Thirdly, the environmental debate needs to have a wider range of pro-liberty voices, so that the logic of domination and culture of death can be contained and rolled back.

It’s time to finally square the impossible circle of global warming and liberty.

One possible angle is this: what you think about ‘managed decentralisation?’ Would this be ‘statism’ and ‘excessive intervention,’ or a long-term blow AGAINST such centralisation of power? Should people accept a high degree of intervention in the environment, if this very process included a radical teetering down of the centralisation of power over time, and higher and higher degrees of localism as part of that very same process of co-operation between the state and civil society?

Ultimately, the terrible, death-defying gamble of managed decentralisation, and a provisional, temporary increase in intervention, appropriately balanced out by more local, grassroots measures, founded on co-operation and the kind of social solidarity that values the individual over abstract, rootless, Olympian technocracy…

Could this be the correct alternative to AOC’s deluded technocracy on the left, and right-wing climate denialism on the right?

Let’s all make sure that whatever our political views are, we don’t deny the science, and we get involved in the debate, rather than shutting ourselves out. There are some great ideas to contribute and some great values to incorporate into the discussion; instead of retreating into ‘right-wing postmodernist’ anti-science denialism, it’s about time conservatives, populists, libertarians and traditional religious folk fought shoulder to shoulder with the environmental movement, rather than surrendering the field to the Culture of Death on the one hand, and the Culture of Denialism on the other.

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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