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Our All-Hearing Drone Succeeds Once Again! We Eavesdrop On The Latest Trump – Putin Phone Call!

Still undetected by the CIA or the KGB, our seemingly undetectable drone has this time crashed the phone call our feckless leader made to Uncle Putin the other day. We could analyze it and pre-masticate it before feeding it to…

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Funny Poems (I): Designer Horseshoes, Monsters, Rotten Rhinos!

I bought these shoes in town Designer didn’t you know? They cost a lot and hurt like hell That’s fashion, there you go

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T-Rex Naughty Dinosaur
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CARTOONS: T-Rex & Me! (Our Great New Graphic Artist, JF!)

A hearty welcome to our new writer and graphic artist, JF! Plenty more to come from him over the next few days. WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH THE BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS??? Rex has recently been assisting Theresa May with the Brexit negotiations.

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SCOOP! We Get A Recording Of Putin And Jong Un’s Hot Date In Vladivostok.

Our ever vigilant super spy drone has done it again! It managed to record the so called ‘historic’ meeting between big-wigs Vladimir ‘the Impaler’ Putin and Kim ‘Moe haircut’ Jong Un. And it did it without the former KGB agent…

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When Was the Last Time You Did a Free Book Deal on Amazon? (PSST! FREE DEAL!)

Indie book publishing is pretty tough, especially when you don’t have an advertising budget. Social media can help a bit, but again, that’s pretty hard without a budget. You can set up a Patreon, with its own mailing list. Or…

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Inmate Shares Out-of-Body Experience, Charged with Escape

SUSANVILLE, CA – In a move that blurs the line between metaphysics and criminology, the Lassen County District Attorney’s Office filed escape charges against a High Desert State Prison (HDSP) inmate who admitted to having had an out-of-body experience, or…

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