Pre-Dystopian America, Two Different Endings!

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The epilogue is NOT AT ALL NECESSARY, because the novel finishes pretty well without out.
However, some of you may be itching to read more… Read more Pre-Dystopian America, Two Different Endings!


Obama Got Up on the World Stage, Reminded Everyone what a President Sounds Like

Obama broke ages of silence. Not to prove we miss him, but to remind us what a statesman actually sounds like.

Trump supporters were the first to whip up the re-re-reMIX to mashup his words to sound terrible, but they were mistaken.

He didn’t merely elucidate that Trump is a Russian puppet, but that he’s terrible, poorly-spoken, and possibly suffering from dementia. Read more Obama Got Up on the World Stage, Reminded Everyone what a President Sounds Like


Chapter 32: It Depends on What “Democracy” Is (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Some months later, it was the eve of the election. Pilder had already won the Democratic nomination by default. Meanwhile, Bubble had easily demolished the few remaining stragglers, who simply couldn’t compete with his relentless barrage of cruelty, crassness and viciousness.
The Presidential debates had turned out to be every bit as horrific (if horrifically entertaining also!) as expected.
And even the Machiavellian cunning of Pilder was at times lost for words; the Democratic candidate only had partial and half-hearted support from the party establishment, as he had never been supposed to win in the first place. Dark rumours persisted that the private view of the party hierarchy was that the Democrats would actually benefit if Pilder were to crash and burn; because it would kill off radical change in all forms, for a generation; if not ten, or twenty, or a hundred.
At the moment, it looked like Bubble was a shoe-in. This was not to say, of course, that support was universal. Some juvenile college students and professional grievance peddlers still doggedly clung to the corpse of Democratic progressivism; Bennie Pilder seemed to represent the dying scream, the final, desperate death throes of a doomed party. It was rumoured that the party might split completely if Pilder ended up suffering the commonly predicted electoral massacre. But nobody seriously thought that would make any difference, no matter what they said. Read more Chapter 32: It Depends on What “Democracy” Is (Honest Adolph, Volume III)


Chapter 30: Neurodiversity is Mighty (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Saul pored through his transcript of this debate. He clumsily dragged a purple, jagged line with his marker pen; an unusual choice for a task like this, but so be it. As he stood up and moved towards the restroom, Deborah subtly inched over to have a look.
She was quite shocked to read the transcript, and she wondered if Saul was quite well. She found it hard to believe that what she was reading was a true and authentic transcript of the recent debate.
Ha! Are you here to save the little guy?
No, I am not here to save the little guy. And there is no little guy. Each one of us, I say yes, every one of us, we are all mighty giants! But we are ever under the boots of cringing dwarves.
[ENSUING SOCIALIST UPROAR AT CHOICE OF WORDS] Read more Chapter 30: Neurodiversity is Mighty (Honest Adolph, Volume III)