Technology has had an effect on almost every aspect of our lives. Your smartphone helps us navigate through unfamiliar places and play online casino australia for real money games. The washing machine makes life easier at home. Our cars enable us to get from place to place without having to worry about traffic jams or parking problems. But did you know that technology designed for humans also benefits animals? By using smartwatches, tablets, sensors, and other devices, veterinarians and researchers are learning new ways to better care for animals and monitor their health. Below are some forms of technology for pets.

Wearable Devices
Wearable devices are gadgets that attach to the body. These include watches, fitness bands, bracelets and clothing. Most wearable devices are worn around the wrist or ankle. Wearable devices can be used to track steps taken, calories burned and sleep patterns. They can also be used to collect data about a person’s physical activities. This information can then be analyzed to determine how well someone is doing at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Animal Tracking Systems
Many animal shelters use tracking systems to ensure that lost pets do not wander off. A tracking system consists of a collar equipped with a microchip that contains a unique identification number.

When a pet wanders away from its home, the microchip is scanned by a reader attached to a fence or gate. The microchip ID is sent to a database where it is compared against records of existing pets.

If there is a match, the owner receives an email or text message letting him know his pet has been found.

Pet Monitoring Systems
Some animal shelters use pet monitoring systems to prevent unwanted visitors from entering their property. Pet monitoring systems consist of a sensor that detects movement outside of a designated area. An alarm sounds when the sensor detects movement. The sensor can be placed anywhere along a perimeter fence. It can even be hidden inside a tree or bush.

Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps are programs designed to run on best payout online casinos. They can help pet owners monitor their pets’ health and behavior. For example, smartphone apps can be used to count the number of times your dog barks per hour. You could also set up alerts so you receive
notifications whenever your dog barks for longer than five minutes.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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