Benefits of good education to a Country

There are several reasons why countries tend to invest heavily in educating their populations, particularly early in life. These include increased innovation and creativity, improved productivity, and greater economic competitiveness.

Education is the key to overcoming income inequality.
The gap between rich and poor can be reduced by investing in educational opportunities for all children. A study conducted at Harvard University found that providing free universal preschool education for 3-year-olds increases GDP per capita by 2%. This means that every dollar spent on
pre-primary education could increase the real put of Uby2.00. Another study showed that one additional year of schooling after age 15 leads to an average increase in annual earnings of nearly $10,000 (see figure 1).

Education boosts social cohesion.
According to research conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, “educational attainment has been strongly associated with the perception of social mobility among best online casino game players.” In other words, the higher the level of education, the lower the perceived levels of social mobility or the gap between high and me
groups. High school completion rates have also been shown to reduce the risk of crime.

Education improves labor market outcomes.
The ability to read and write plays a critical role in determining whether someone will get a job or not. For example, according to the UK Department for mobile casino Business Innovation and Skills, there were over 300 million print jobs in the UK alone in 2011. In comparison, there were
only 50,000 computer programmers needed to fill these positions. As a result, education is crucial for improving employment prospects. Studies indicate that students who receive higher levels of education may earn up to twice as much money than those with less formal education.


Education is important because it helps improve economic development through its impact on both individual and societal well-being. Having a well-educated population is beneficial because it helps improve economic growth. Educated individuals are more likely to adopt new technologies, such as elearning, and posspossess skills necessary to succeed in today’s
competitive workforce.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.

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