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Redskins Owner Won’t Rule Out Signing Kareem Hunt

Washington, DC- On Monday, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder refused to rule out signing former Kansas City Chiefs Running back, Kareem Hunt, after he was released by his team on Friday. Hunt was a standout star for the AFC leading…

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Shirt Tales: How My Lucky Shirt Helped the Red Sox Win

Amid talk of the different factors that led the Red Sox to their fourth World Series in 15 years, one factor has gone on unnoticed. Sure, they had great (and high-priced) talent and great chemistry. Some claimed having a new…

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Lebron James Arrives, to the Dismay of Teammates Who Wanted to Shoot

The arrival of Lebron James on the Los Angeles Lakers has not thrilled everyone. After years of dealing with Kobe Bryant taking every shot on offense, now the other players on the Lakers have to cope with the fact that…

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World’s First Leper Ice Hockey Tournament Breaks Off in Disarray

Yesterday’s first hockey tournament final for the leper community was a complete disaster! The first ten minutes saw a number of unexpected face-offs; and by the time they got to half-way, it was already too difficult to pick up the…

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Return to Player % – RTP Online Slots Advantages Compared to Land-Based Casino Slots

Online slots are the most popular games be it in online casino sites on in brick and mortar casinos. The first slots machines came into existence back in 1891 and their popularity has gone far and wide today. One main…

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Soap Box Derby – The Thrill of It All

For years, sports fanatics have debated which is the most exciting spectator sport. Some argue nothing beats football for sheer intensity and physicality. Others point to the gladiator-like combat of hockey. And some people prefer badminton, but then, some people…

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