How to Install Dirt Bike Handguards the Best Way for Motocross

Dirt bikes are associated with a lot of danger. This, therefore, makes protecting yourself expedient. There are lots of devices designed to offer the right type of protection to dirt bike riders. Some of these devices are helmets, dirt bike boots, handguards, etc. In this article, we will be focusing on handguards.

What are Hand Guards?

Installing handguards of dirt bikes will be impossible without the knowledge of what exactly hand guards are. A handguard is simply a device that keeps your hand protected from crashes when riding a dirt bike. These crashes could be major or minor. 

There are two basic types of handguards and these different handguards meet various needs. If you are taking part in trail racing, you will get the most benefits when you make use of wrap-around handguards. However, if you are making use of motocross racing, MX handguards are preferable.

Handguards might seem unnecessary as they do not protect the legs or head which seem most affected when there is a crash. They, however, play a major role in keeping the riders of dirt bikes safe while they go about their activities. When you make use of handguards while riding a bike, your hands can be safe from various substances. Furthermore, handguards keep your hands from slipping while you ride.

Dirt bike racing is very risky. The likelihood of being involved in an accident is very high. Although, the accidents might be more associated with leathers. Nonetheless, regardless of your level as a dirt bike rider, crashes cannot be eliminated.

Now, it is certain that preventing accidents will be very difficult. You can, however, take measures to prevent these crashes from causing you damage.

There are various types of handguards. However, if you must get the right level of protection from the use of a handguard, you have to purchase the one that is most suitable for your dirt bike. Your level as a rider is a strong factor to be considered when choosing a handguard

About Installing Dirt Bike Handguards

Installing dirt bike handguard might seem like much if it is something you have never done. It, however, is not as difficult as a lot of people assume. To install a dirt bike handguard properly, you simply need to follow the right steps and everything will be done in the shortest time possible. 

That being said, below are steps to follow when looking to install a dirt bike.

Step 1

To carry on with the first step of installing a dirt bike handguard, you will need to make use of a utility knife. With a utility knife, you can cut off the grip’s end that is already connected to the handlebar. This step might seem very basic. It, however, is one that needs special attention. If you do this without paying the right amount of attention, you might chop off your fingers.

Step 2

This step will be executed with the use of a drill machine. With this drill machine, you should create a hole in the bike’s plastic throttle handle. Doing this will make the handlebar and the inner diameter the same. This step is very important as it is one of the points where your handguard will be mounted.

Step 3

This is the step where you assemble your Handle Bar. After assembling your handguard, ensure that it fits perfectly well.

Step 4

This step has to be executed with the use of a screwdriver. It simply involves attaching the metal bar to the plastic guard.

Step 5

As soon as you join the metal bar to the plastic guard, you can go ahead to join the other hardware. Doing this might not seem important when you make use of other types of handguards, it is an important step when you are making use of MX handguards. The wrap-around handguard comes with two end modes. This is one reason it needs more attention than the MX handguard

Step 6

Connect the handguard to the handlebar using two screws. Once done leave the screws loose.

Step 7

This is the point you attach the opposite end to the billet mount. While at this, you have to pay special attention to it so the mechanism of the bike does not get affected.

Step 8

At this point, you have put every single part in the right position. You simply need to go on to tighten all the screws that were not tightened while the parts were being fitted together.

While the steps above are the general steps for installing a hand guard on a dirt bike handle, they do not apply in all cases. Certain dirt bikes feature mechanisms needed for the installation of handguards. When you make use of such bikes, there will be no point drilling. You simply need to install the handguard with the use of the screws already provided.

There are generic handguards for dirt bike riders. However, if you spend more time riding in a specific condition, you will need to get a handguard that is peculiar to the terrain you ride in the most. Although various terrains need different types of handguards, the process of installing these various handguards does not vary a lot.

How to Get Started with Installation

The process involved in installation might not be a difficult one. There, however, are things you have to know before you get started with the installation. The first thing you should know is the specification of your dirt bike. If you fail to know the specification of your bike before going ahead to order handguards, you might end up ordering handguards that are not good enough for your bike. Due to this, to ensure that you get the right handle guard for your bike, you will need to figure out the ideal handlebar and billet mount for your bike. Furthermore, you should always make use of a trustworthy source if you must get good value for your money.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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