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Click, Watch, Share! The Most Memorable Glossy News 4k Podcasts (I)

Although Brian has a general Youtube channel for Glossy News, you can actually see, share and shhhhhenjoy some of the best Glossy News stuff at the parallel 4k Podcast channel! 1. Humor and Head-Stuff! First of all, here’s an important…

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Cake Monster and His Creamy Lips

Leaders of the planet: Eaters of Golden Filigree accented treats. (They ask) “Who the hell needs to eat? We could all stand to lose… a couple L Bs.” With the butternut creme

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How to Share Satire Effectively on Social Media! A Guide For Glossy News Readers

We’ve all been there. We pummel and pummel and pummel, but nothing seems to work. How can we become more effective at promoting our work? There is no magic bullet, but I’m going to give you at least a few…

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Donate to World 4 Washington Now! Let’s Halt the Economic Genocide of US Federal Workers!

Please show your compassion and open your hearts to the oppressed federal workers of the United States Government. Although it’s hard to believe: even prior to the far right government shutdown, many destitute, impoverished, borderline penniless federal workers were scraping…

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American Cow Pie

Authors Note: This is a Parody of Don Mclean’s Classic American Pie. I wrote this during the financial crisis at the beginning of the Obama Administration. It’s interesting to look back at how much has changed, and yet, how little…

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Partisan Significance

The system’s broke, Nobody’s interested in fixing it. What a fucking joke, They’re either sycophants or hypocrites. The vitriol you spoke, Evoked partisan belligerence. Highlighting our differences Driving a wedge in between.

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