Posted in Internets Tubes Author Ranking System Has Arrived

After years of searching for just the right script to do just the right job, we finally have a way to reward our top authors with the recognition they so richly deserve. I mean, it’s not fair compensation, but we…

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Posted in Politics

Commoners Tell Romneys ‘Screw You and the Dressage Horse You Rode in On’

While the financially elite in London are said to be looking forward to showing Mitt and Ann Romney a jolly good time in London this week, the majority of ordinary Londoners would be just as happy to see the Romneys…

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Posted in Internets Tubes

Yahoo Somehow Still in Business

SUNNYVALE, CA – Despite the overwhelming success of Google Inc. and the vast expansion plans of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the internet service provider, Yahoo!, somehow continues to remain in business. Webmasters and researchers across the…

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Posted in Crime Strange People

A Dad’s Rage Causes $150 Worth of Damage

A family home was turned into a war zone when a dad turned bad in the small hours of yesterday morning. Mr Elliot, needing a midnight snack, entered his kitchen in his average suburban home to fix himself a sandwich only to…

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Posted in Society Strange People

Hey Harley Guy, Yeah Loud, You’re a Dick

I didn’t want to say anything at the stop light because I was afraid you’d kill me, and I know that’s part of your mystique, but seriously guy, with those loud pipes and all, you’re a total dick. Period. My…

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