Feeble & Unstable: An Ode To Theresa May’s Weak & Wobbly Brexit!

Theresa the Appeaser
No Brussels lout could ever
Dare corrupt and sleaze ‘er
There was no reason to fill her pockets, darkly
That’s because she doesn’t need a bribe
If you believe her, you must be bloody barking!

Theresa is not actually dishonest
As that requires much labour
Not so much Rob Peter to Pay Paul
As let them Bugger-Thy-Neighbour!

She ain’t a sly, conniving Blair or Mao
She just randomly ended up as leader…
We don’t know how!

Why doesn’t our Theresa need a bribe?
Because she doesn’t even need to lie
She doesn’t even have one single bloody
Clear opinion of her own
‘What does she actually flaming stand for?’
The angry People moan.

There’s nobody on Earth today like our precious treasure, Tess
Let’s all just close our eyes and hope for the best!


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