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Deluded May Goes Full Donald Trump on ‘Tremendous Brexit Deal!’

Confused controversialist and widely despised half-arsed “Brexit bod” (officially!) Theresa May has recently unleashed an utterly deluded rant about her ridiculous ‘deal’ with the EU… A simply spiffing world-ending negotiating triumph that is universally panned by Leave and Remain, Tories…

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News Channel Treats Politics as Theater

Dateline: NY CITY—Under the auspices of Europe’s Postmodern Media Group, American entrepreneur Roy Havalaff is launching a cable political news channel that will assume no politician is capable of honesty.

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From Blair Effect to Cameron? How Long Before Dave Starts Making Helpful Public ‘Interventions?’

One of the most hilarious things on Twitter is the apparently non-satirical interventions Tony Blair makes in public life. But it turns out brave Dave hasn’t exactly retired to have a wank in his yacht either!

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