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Alt-Right Lunatic Richard Spencer Commences ‘Eastern Strategy’ of Soviet Apologetics

I hear the Alt-Right are now borrowing tips from their fellow radical socialists, the Tankies: Hitler wasn’t a REAL Nazi. Hitler would obviously have been nicer if it wasn’t for his enemies boxing him into a corner! You’re against Hitler?…

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“I Mean, Who WOULDN’T Like to Punch a Nazi?” Asks Fellow Nazi

Ari Anacion, self-proclaimed white nationalist, neo-nazi, and part-time full-time child slapper, knows that people like him are likely enough to get punched, when you think about. Nonetheless, he asks, “I mean, why wouldn’t the J… [ED: somebody, anybody, who cares…

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Nazism is the White Nationalism of Peace (Justin Antitheist Guest Post)

The beliefs of the Charlottesville terrorist had nothing to do with this act of terrorism. I learned from Obama that to call it “racist terrorism” is bigotry against other racists and that this terrorism has nothing to do with racism….

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