Alt-Right Lunatic Richard Spencer Commences ‘Eastern Strategy’ of Soviet Apologetics


I hear the zinc-deficient, self-partnered, ultra-demisexual serial onanists of the Alt-Right are now borrowing tips from their fellow radical socialists, the Tankies:Nazism isn’t whatever you want it to be: stop pretending it was a proper Nazi state when it obviously wasn’t!
There are plenty of things Hitler did that a true Nazi wouldn’t do, e.g. mass purges of his enemies.
There are plenty of things Hitler didn’t do that a true Nazi would do, e.g. bringing in true socialism.
It was only a deformed Aryan bureaucracy, not a REAL Aryan ethnostate.
Centrists corrupted it and tried to compromise it with non-white agendas.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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