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May 24-25: Anti-Social Justice Warrior Novel 100% Free on Amazon

Amazon Stores globally are offering my academic satire novel FREE on May 24-25!

The Great Flâneur Narrative is a disturbing and hilarious read for those who are sick to the back teeth of pretentious, over-privileged faux-leftie metropolitan garbage.

The various social justice warriors, pomo idiots and regressive leftists at Prigley Uni are the ultimate shitshow of intellectual whackjobs.

From saving Tibet from the Tibetans to exposing a well-beloved festive figure as a racist white supremacist propaganda figure; from mainstreaming anti-vaxxer horseshit to Trotstreaming LGBT rights…

There is no depth of idiocy to which our dear friends will not stoop.

However, the fate of the Prigley Uni intellectual mafia is curiously bound up with that of the washed-up humanitarian pop star Klubber Bonez…

Does stupidity really kill?


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Liberals VS Social Justice Warriors: Burn Them Books, Bigot

LIBERAL: Anyone who is too scared to refute an inflammatory writer should get the hell out of the way and let more courageous people do it.

SJW: STOP TRIGGERING ME! The free marketplace of ideas isn’t infallible. What if they actually win?!

LIBERAL: Nobody ever said it was. Read the full story


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