Bitterness Isn’t Working: The Decline of Radical Autism & the Rise of the Autistic Dark Web


NB: For various reasons, I have distanced myself from the Autistic Dark Web (which I have not been involved with for some time), and I give my reasons here. I respect some specific insights from various individuals involved with that past project, but there were many difficulties with the movement that, from my perspective, were irresoluble. I will continue to keep working for a transcendence vision of autism, founded on human dignity, against the postmodernist view. Needless to say, contrary to certain arbitrary allegations that I will not dignity with a refutation here, I will always remain critical of the right wing of identity politics, as moral and logical consistency demands nothing else: see for example one of critiques of white nationalism, and a preliminary foray into battling the pernicious incel cult. Some fairly detailed retrospective reflections on my past experience of the Autistic Dark Web can be found on a recent autobiographical and ideology-critical essay of mine, which also includes a little tentative glimpse into the future as well…

In the 1960s, two major civilisational value shifts occurred in Western countries. Postmodernist intellectuals shifted our traditional political and moral values away from objectivism, towards subjectivism. This means that the truth is all about what you feel, rather than having any real compelling objective weight and force. You’ve probably seen a lot of sanctified idiots whingeing about how they have a ‘right to an opinion,’ or even saying ‘this is just an opinion.’ We all know, of course, that opinions are not worth very much; because an opinion, when all is said and done, is merely that. An opinion. Nothing more.
Socrates and Plato noted that knowledge and opinion are two very different things.
And how right they were!
Stating that you have an ‘opinion’ is merely an excuse to assert something, without providing a reason. Mere opinion, in Greek, is ‘doxa.’ Whereas knowledge is ‘episteme.’
Aside from the move away from objective truth, the Western elites moved away from universalism to relativism. Instead of the classical view that what is right in London is right in Lhasa, and what is wrong in Jerusalem is wrong in Geneva, right and wrong came to be purely matters of context. Cultural diversity, religious diversity, theological diversity, sexual diversity… Everyone is equally right; so presumably, also, nobody is right at all any longer. If differences are generally positive and generally require to be ‘celebrated,’ as though being different were somehow meritorious in itself, then the natural consequence of this is a policy of outright denialism and negationism of right and wrong in any remotely meaningful sense of the word.
Enter Neurodiversity.
The headlong anti-civilisational plunge into moral relativism and post-truth barbarism and savagery created a proliferation of oppressed ‘communities.’ This process of endless severing, fission and divisive sectarianism can be aptly named ‘community spiralling.’ There have to be more and more new ‘communities’ of ‘oppressed’ people. Just as firemen will go out of business if they are too proud to commit arson, so also do social justice warriors need fresh pretexts for contaminating and infecting the body politic with their metropolitan high dudgeon and bourgeois outrage.
In the case of disability and mental illness, ‘Neurodiversity’ strode arrogantly onto the stage, dripping with highminded middle-class sentiments, and the eternal rage of the mediocre and the resentful against the noble and the virtuous.
Neurodiversity is the view that there is no right or wrong neurology. The anatomy and physiology of people’s brains is always right, and there is no right or wrong way to act in light of this. Whether it’s autism, narcissism, borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder, sociopathy, paedophilia, coprophilia, psychopathy or pyromania, there is simply no right or wrong. How dare anyone else judge others?
Well, I take the liberty of judging.
Indeed, I insist upon maintaining my critical freedom.
Narcissists often hurt and abuse others.
So do paedophiles, incests, necrophiliacs and other sexual deviants.
Morality is founded upon discrimination, or to put it another way:
The terms are more or less synonymous, in fact.
Neurodiversity is anti discrimination, i.e. it is opposed to discerning right from wrong.
Neurodiversity is a brain-death cult who are full of victimhood, entitlement and resentment. Read Nietzsche, if you want to understand this. Read Max Scheler’s “Ressentiment.” The resentful hate others not for what they do, but for what they are. There is only The Oppressor and The Oppressed; world without end. Neurodiversity apologists are possessed by ideology, and by their hatred and bitterness towards certain key bad guys:
Parents, doctors, scientists, internal dissidents (e.g. autistic people who disagree with the neurodiversity cult) and neurotypicals (i.e. people whose neurology does not diverge from the norm).
Alongside Neurodiversity is its trusty sidekick, the Social Model of Disability.
The latter predatory ideological framework teaches the ignorant and the vulnerable that they are not disabled by biology or by nature; they are disabled by society. This is palpable nonsense, but it keeps the perpetual motion machine of bourgeois grievance-mongering running, so the utterly imbecilic character of this thoroughly meaningless and futile ideological conceit is hardly like to trouble the enemies of civilisation, as they continue to peddle their pedantically profitable snake oil.
However, there has never been an autism community. That is to say: autistic people are individuals who have autism, not autism who has individuals. So, some pushback against this arrant nonsense can reasonably be expected.
There have been a number of pioneers, including Jonathan Mitchell of the ‘Autism Gadfly’ blog; he is also on Twitter. He is one of the most famous anti-Neurodiversity voices. His blog lists a number of other sites of interest too, such as Autism Jabberwocky. Sadly, it seems the latter has not blogged in a long time.
But in the past few months, people have started to loosely organise around Twitter. This has sent the dominant, hegemonic establishment of Alt-Autism into a panic. The old guard of autism, the decrepit Ancien Regime of big disability, has responded with unbridled fury towards those supposed traitors who have dared to challenge their unquestionable supremacy. The Diversitarian Plantation is guarded every bit as jealously as the Democratic Plantation.
I coined the term ‘Neurorealism’ a while back, to provide an alternative to Neurodiversity. An approach and a perspective based on moral universalism, objectivism and realism. However, some people that I am interacting with on Twitter are pro Neurodiversity as an idea, but against the movement itself. Others want to reform Neurodiversity, rather than abolishing it completely. It is good to see that Thomas Clements, the Autistic Buddha, has coined the term ‘Autistic Dark Web.’ The Autistic Dark Web is a loose coalition of autistic freethinkers. It is not a ‘community,’ because we agree on some things, and disagree on others. We have reformists who support a weak or less dogmatic form of Neurodiversity, rather than a strong version; then there are hardliners who are 100%, unyieldingly opposed to Neurodiversity.
The essay you are now reading is from a hardliner or hawk.
But the Autistic Dark Web is bigger and broader than any one person, and so, you should probably bear in mind my bias as you watch my videos and read my writings. I believe the elimination of Neurodiversity is the correct stance, but I am happy to see others who at least wish to moderate and tame its wilder excesses.
They, too, are part of the Autistic Dark Web.
This is a very exciting new anti-SJW, anti-postmodernist, anti-identitarian movement. We oppose authoritarian identity politics and the culture of victimhood. Please consider following as many of us as you can on Twitter, and do look out for relevant hashtags like #autisticdarkweb or #autisticsagainsthate or #westandwithautismparents.
I just want to finish by saying that the Autistic Dark Web are encountering a lot of hatred and opposition; but this only makes us all the more determined to beat the extreme viewpoints and perpetual bitterness and resentment of Alt-Autism.
Be with us in our holy war against entitlement, victimhood and nihilism!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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5 thoughts on “Bitterness Isn’t Working: The Decline of Radical Autism & the Rise of the Autistic Dark Web

  1. “He stinks of hypocrisy and oozes victimhood.” Ha ha, you sound triggered! 🙂
    Care to provide some quotes as evidence?

  2. Jonathan Freeway Ferguson is a bigot who cashes in on hate against Neurodiversity activists and anyone who goes against his warped sense of justice. He stinks of hypocrisy and oozes victimhood.

  3. Neuroinsanity was an invention of the CIA in 2003. Like everything else from our government, it provoked people to argue amongst themselves instead of uniting to fire the government for taking bribes to allow the Medical industry to continue poisoning babies with mercury in vaccines.
    You would be wise to talk about firing our 100% corrupt government and ignore the psychopaths who are associated with Neuroinsanity.

  4. Very well-written article. Neurodiversity advocates pretend to claim that they don’t believe in a objectively correct neurology, but then claim that those that want a cure are incorrect, contradicting themselves.

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