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Hollywood & the Democrats Rally in Final Show of Strength for Christine Ford

As the final decision is about to be reached on Kavanaugh, a gaggle of towering Hollywood intellectuals and well-beloved Democrats have decided to show their solidarity with Christine Ford, who has made some serious allegations against the prospective SCOTUS justice….

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The Supreme Court Vote Shouts It Out: Guns ARE People!

In a land mark ruling, the Supreme Court has declared that “Guns are people too.” Building upon the famous Citizens United vote that made corporations people and thereby gave them unprecedented power and influence in America, gun lobbyists hope to…

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Brotherhood of Extemporaneous Unions Wins Big

The U.S. Supreme Court handed the Brotherhood of Extemporaneous Unions a clear victory yesterday by defining a labor union as “one or more people doing more or less the same thing.” The landmark case of BEU vs. Clive Nuevo, gave…

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