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Oath to Inner Freedom!

PEACE WITHIN, FREEDOM EVER OUTWARDS Swear with me: From this day forth, I solemnly swear by the name of the best within us, I will not let the powers of this world consume me with fear, with rage, with bitterness,…

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Ave Libertas! A Poem to Inner Freedom

All I need is a foothold I can’t describe it, see it, hear it; and yet, I know it is there. That foothold is there. O, foothold without a name! Great is thy power; for thou art the axis of…

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Chapter 4: Ruby, Rue the Rubes! (Honest Adolph Volume 2)

Ruby Chandra de Montevideo rose to greet the trembling Senator Willow. She coldly extended a chubby but far from jolly hand to the latest in an admittedly very short line of faux-Democratic bêtes-noires. ‘Well, now if it isn’t Senator Deborah…

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