Chapter 14: Metaphysical Genocide (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Wallace Runnymede Novel

Honest Adolph finally set the phone down.

Troubled and tormented, The Electric Quaker gazed at his half-ironic John Woolman volume.

Such a pioneer!


“Ehhhhhh! And then, and then, the bitch, she twists on my like this, and hey, fugeddaboutit!”

Palmer Miller reeled and swayed in drunken ecstacy, as his gambling partners guffawed and eyed him cautiously.

Plying the idiot with drink seemed to be a good plan.


Deborah Mona Willow, half-dazed, stepped into the rain.



Everything else?

Up to now, negative.

No prospect of any change.


Look at that egg count…

She was cursed, like Hannah.


Riddle sniggered gently as he read late antiquity’s ‘Sauline’ transcript to Ruby Chandra De Montevideo.


My entire life project can be summed up into noble and life-affirming

Death-negating breaths of life

Of glory,

And of everlasting and awesomely inexorable virtue:
Join with me!
Do not ever once dare to dream that you may stand aloof!
For there is no middle ground, and no third option.
Death to Humanity!
Death to Society!
Death to the National Interest!
And what you wish for every craven, sickly, be-trembling spook of hunger and of famine;
Decree for thine OWN self the opposite!
Be free!
Be free!


Friday’s Ruby wiped away a single, solitary tear of laughter.

That was to be all.


“Yeah, he was taking down every word,” Saul muttered.

“So what’s it to you?”

Sally looked down and sighed.

Saul shuffled into the darkness.

Jim gazed at him sadly, wishing they could play ball just one more time, before midnight came.

Author: Wallace's Books