Ave Libertas! A Poem to Inner Freedom

All I need is a foothold

I can’t describe it, see it, hear it; and yet, I know it is there.

That foothold is there.

O, foothold without a name!

Great is thy power; for thou art the axis of the world,

And we are all thy brothers.

Tomorrow is a new day!

“Come when thou wilt, I shall meet thee bravely!”

But this is not a testament of despair

I was born, that I might live, and flourish, and prosper.

I was not born unto condemnation and death.

I cannot see so clearly.

But that single, silent spark of hope is enough for me.

I will make it.

I will gain the victory; no matter how hard it is, no matter what it costs.

I will live, and I shall not perish.

For it is not possible that one such as I should perish, save he should first fulfil his destiny.

I will pass through this shadow, and I shall proceed to perform many wonders in the land of the living.

But first I must pass through the pain and the torment of the coming days, and longer.

Only then may I go on to achieve the wonderful writings that I was born to accomplish.

They will all be written, and I shall write them all.

But first I must root and establish myself once more.

In the Name of the Best Within Us.

And in the Name of the Lesser Good.

Originally published on Medium.com


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