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Honest Adolph Serial Continues: Volume II Starts in a Few Minutes

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Chapter 7: The Great RINO Hunt (Honest Adolph Novel Serial, Volume I)

WOAH! The first bravura speech of the novel.
Now isn’t THIS exciting!
Watch out for Saul’s epic defence of liberty as he hands the MIC and corrupt-as-hell political class verbal beheading.
Will you be there to cheer him on?

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Stripped of More Constitutionally Sacred Freedoms, Hoosiers View Impending Smoking Ban as No Big Whoop

INDIANAPOLIS – In light of the Indiana Supreme Court’s decision last May declaring it illegal to resist unlawful police entry into their homes and the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, a provision of which permits indefinite detention without due process for any citizen deemed likely to engage or support a violent act, the majority of Hoosiers view a pending smoking ban in public places as no big whoop. Read the full story


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Libertarian Realizes His Ideas Make No Sense

AUBURN – After years of internal struggle, a Libertarian activist has come forth and admitted his chosen ideology does not make any sense.

Jon Rockwell, 23, who likes to go by the nickname “Voluntaryist Rand,” told reporters that Libertarianism cannot be reconciled with the fundamentals of human nature and basic logic, no matter how much he wishes to believe so.

“I have spent years trying to back away from this singular point, but it’s no use. Libertarianism was my brother – I loved it, but nothing can stop these little grey cells of mine from issuing a verdict, ” he said. Read the full story


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Supreme Court Nullifies First Amendment

The United States Supreme Court unanimously declared today that the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights is to be nullified as it no longer has any meaning in today’s society.

The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, Jr stated, “the first amendment was relevant for 200 years but today with technology and terrorism it needs to be laid aside”.

Roberts stated that The United States is a Christian country and from now on other religions and philosophies will no longer be tolerated.

“You can still have freedom of religion so long as it’s a Christian religion”, Roberts stated.

“Freedom of speech is fine so long as you don’t say anything un-American or anything that will upset anyone or piss anyone off”, he continued.

Roberts pointed out that the press and media publications took too much advantage of their freedom and they will now have to be stifled. “We now have reporters who hide their sources, slanderous articles written about our government and military, celebrities who show off their breasts and vaginal areas and a host of things being printed in the name of ‘free speech’ that have no place in a free country. And you must reveal your sources. Otherwise we will send you to prison!”.

“As far as peacefully assembling, forget it,” Roberts determined. “Police will now ask people to move along or go to jail!”

Roberts said ‘petitioning’ is no longer needed. “We don’t need people putting things on the ballot. That’s why we have a legislature. And I’m sick of petitioners at grocery stores asking me to sign to legalize marijuana or legalize public urination or some other silly thing!”

Roberts said petitioners will still be allowed to petition but will no longer be allowed to do so in public places, on federal or state land or in private. Some universities, such as Los Angeles Pierce College, have established small ‘free speech zones’ though the new ruling will even shut those down.

The justices will decide which of the remaining 9 amendments to the Bill of Rights will also be nullified.


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10 Common Misconceptions about Buddhism and Hinduism and their Influences in the West


1. Hinduism is not Polytheism. It’s Henotheism, meaning each god is believed to be a window on the One or the All.

2. In Hinduism, “the physical realm doesn’t exist.”
The supreme reality is known as Brahman. The same god, if you can’t grasp the abstractness of infinite cosmos represented by an infinite being, can be encountered physically by Saguna Brahman, god-with-physical-attributes. This version of the deity is very close to the Jewish and Christian image of God as the loving Father. If nothing exist, how can there be Saguna Brahman, by your argument? Read the full story


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VA DMV Unveils New Road Sign

RICHMOND, Commonwealth of Virginia (GlossyNews) — The VA DMV unveiled a new road sign which was signed into law by Governor Bob McDonell on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. The new sign known officially as the VA No Fault Driver Freedom of Action Guideline sign, (VA DMV No FAG sign), can now be seen all across the state. The sign specifically allows or requires, depending on how you interpret it, drivers to do “Whatever The Fuck They Want.”

The sign has raised a lot of controversy since first introduced. PTA and MADD mother Sharon Yates told our reporters that “[she] was very unhappy with the language used in the road sign but [she] believe[s] that it would help save lives of teen drivers.” Read the full story


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Chinese Government Says Yes to I-Ching, No to iPhone 4

BEIJING, China (GlossyNews) — Although the Chinese government has allowed consumers in Mainland China to own earlier versions of the iPhone, they are now cracking down saying that the iPhone 4 is too advanced and could bring more harm than good to the government and its citizens.

While Apple’s international sales force has been quick to point out that the iPhone 4 is far less superior than the ads let on, their reverse sales pitch is going nowhere. Read the full story


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White Janitor at Alabama State Home Protests Obamacare

A white janitor working in the Alabama State Home for the Mentally Infirm is furious about the new law approved by Congress to give all Americans access to health care.

“We dun had enough of this danged cooned-ass President trying to take away all our freedoms and now he’s a tryin’ to give us helf care. And den I guess it’s gonna be our guns after dat!” claimed Billy Marshall, whose worked at the home as a trustee after being released from life long custody in 1984. “We’re all pissed off and as soon as I get a ride up to Birming’am I’m a gonna make em wicht they ain’t never messed with us white folks down here in Ayabama.” Read the full story


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Big Brother Targets Kindergarten Radicals

The UK’s Big Brother think tanks at Chatham House and the Tavistock Institute have now – in their superior wisdom – ordained nursery-age children should be monitored for signs of Pavlovian brainwashing by Islamist extremists – according to a leaked police memo left in a trashcan at Hyde Park’s Whistleblower’s Corner – with copies being passed on to the Daily Snitch and the Grassers Gazette. Read the full story


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The Advantage Small Government (in the epicenter of a Global Financial Crisis)?

Milton Friedman is a canonized saint (Nobel Prize) of modern economics, continuing a line laissez-faire, market-driven economy first started by Adam Smith. And culturally, America revered Friedman as a freedom fighter against the Soviet totalitarian expansions during the Cold War. Friedman’s theory favors minimum government (Libertarian), especially minimum, government intervention on national markets. Trusting solely on the active, free-market forces, all exchange of goods will (in theory) be taken care of by individual understanding of supply-and-demand. Read the full story


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