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Donald J. Trump- Just The Enema America Needs.

He said he was gonna do it and, dad-gum if he didn’t gone and dooded it. The Donald provided the laxatorial stimulus needed to remove decades of inner stagnant, potentially cancerous fecal growth that had been festering our governmental tract…

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Ave Libertas! A Poem to Inner Freedom

All I need is a foothold I can’t describe it, see it, hear it; and yet, I know it is there. That foothold is there. O, foothold without a name! Great is thy power; for thou art the axis of…

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Liberty Snippets #1: What’s Wrong With Being Divisive?

I’ve decided to tidy up my liberty journal on I’m going to be putting are a few shorter, less detailed pieces here. Please note that UniLib is not affiliated with Glossy News; UniLib is a non-sectarian journal, but it…

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