Invitation to Freedom! The Souverainist International Will Destroy the Old World Order!

National sovereignty is not the past, it is the future!
Join the Souverainist International, the future of our world!
The Souverainist International will restore national sovereignty for ALL!

I am a Souverainist.
I oppose national chauvinism and isolationism in all its forms.
I have friends all over the world who share my values.
How about you?

I ALSO oppose the dehumanising effects of coercive global capital, corrupt and unrepresentative global institutions, and the coercive humanitarian-cosmopolitan consensus that legitimises the current global-corporatist economic order.
How about you?
What I want for my own country, I want for yours too.
Do you want to break free of the EU, of ASEAN, of the ICC, the World Bank, the IMF? Do you want the United Nations to stop bullying you?
Brexit is not nationalism. America First is not nationalism. India First is not nationalism.
Why? No hate, no fear!
Because what I want for myself and my people, I want for all the free peoples of the world, without exception!
Do as you would be done by (Jesus).
Do not inflict on others, what you would not have inflicted on yourself (Confucius).
Universal Wisdom!
I want my national sovereignty, and my freedom; for me and for all my people!
And I do not inflict on your country, what I would not have inflicted on mine!
Say no to racism & xenophobia!
Say no to global-corporatism & technocracy as well!
Some people believe their country is all there is.
Others ‘imagine there’s no countries.’
Instead, the Souverainist International believe:
One World Through Many Nations!
Human beings are more united when we first have our freedom!
Love through sovereignty!
Unity through liberty!
How is it possible to work against our divisions?
Not through nationalism & racism.
Not through diluting the sovereignty of free & proud peoples either!
Make ALL countries free, & then our distrust and hatred will melt away!
What is the alternative to One World Through Many Nations?
We can have One World Through No Nations.
But we have already tried that, and we are more divided than ever.
Or what about No World One Nation? That is every bit as bad.
What do you think? Do you want to join the Souverainist International?
If so, why?
Tell me a little about yourself, or your country, or your history, or your life story. What is the best path forward for us all?
And who would like to collaborate on a Youtube channel for the Souverainist International?
NB: This is for national sovereignty. NOT national chauvinism, xenophobia or racism. We need good people… Patriots, not ethnocentrists!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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