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Brief Open Letter to All My Fellow Liberal Extremists

Show me a Nazi who deserves a punch, and I will show you someone else who DOESN’T (like Julie Bindel or Peter Tatchell), and who will end up getting punched.
I have no love for Nazis like Richard Spencer, but let’s be smart.
For God’s sake, don’t start legitimizing vigilante action.
The Nazis themselves started that shite with the SA and SS.
This is a slippery slope running down an endless abyss with no bottom.

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Charlie Hebdo Anniversary Tribute (II): Freedom of Speech is Not Idealism

So who decides what is blasphemous or hateful?

Whoever has the power to do so.

But of course, this does not mean that all opinions are equal.

For, it is perfectly true to say that women should treated in light of an intrinsic value identical to men, that gay people are not twisted deviants, and that eugenics and eugenicists are an abomination. These ideas are non-negotiable.

However, moral panics about ‘blasphemy’ and ‘hatred’ in the context of satire serve the interests of reactionaries of every stripe.

Hence, curiously enough, freedom of speech is not the ‘idealist’ or ‘fundamentalist’ position.

Rather, it is precisely because idealistic, abstract and fundamentalist models of reality are unworkable in practice, that freedom of speech is required in the first place! Read the full story


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Charlie Hebdo Anniversary Tribute (I): Every Truth is Blasphemy

Dedicated to the unforgettable and shining martyrs of Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher.

I am still Charlie.

To start off a series of fake news satire anthologies with a volume on religion seems very appropriate, given the vicious massacre of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, and the other vicious murders which were committed on the same day at Hyper Cacher.

Some of these murders have already been conveniently ‘forgotten.’

But despite my allusion to these vile assassinations, I am not unaware of the mobilization of the massacre by cynical opportunists.

In the second edition of this essay, which you now see before you, I must also mention the November massacres in Paris. Read the full story


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Open Letter to the ‘Noble Liberals.’ Did Paris Victims Bring it on Themselves? (1/2)

After the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, the magazine’s defenders were ridiculed as being ‘freedom of speech fundamentalists.’ The ‘semi-non-apologists’ of Coulibaly assumed the usual attitude:

Sure, it’s NOT THAT GREAT to kill someone merely for being a cartoonist… but… OMG, just look at that cartoon! I find that SO offensive!

Now, silence from the conspicuously enlightened Huggy-Downglance Brigade.

No-one dares to speak out, and blame the unnecessary offence and grievance the concert-goers in Paris caused to anyone (not least the ‘wrong kind of liberal’) who believes ‘freedom of speech demands accountability.’ Read the full story


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Khomeinisexuality: Meet Iran’s Radical Love-Cleric (Part 2/69: Jizz be Upon Me)


Encore une fois: this one’s for Charlie Hebdo. Nous sommes tous Charlie.

Ok, you’ve heard from the people men of wisdom; to wit, the only people who really understand enlightened fucking erudite fiqh rulings from the inside (pretty damn deep inside… and not just fiqh rulings!).

Yes: clearly, Ayatollah Khomeini either is more sexually enlightened than his depraved and despicable hell-bound haters previously thought… Read the full story


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Khomeinisexuality: Meet Iran’s Radical Love-Cleric (Part 1/69: Jizz Be Upon Him)


This one’s for Charlie Hebdo. Nous sommes tous Charlie.

OK, we all know about the obviously malicious and unproven allegations of gratuitously gratifyingly enlightened fatwas on “I’m-a-sexin’ that damn fine chicken” that have been directed at Imam Love Doctor Friday Night Wonder AYATOLLAH Khomeini. Read the full story


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Child Pornographers, Polygamists Fight for First Amendment Rights

In Washington D. C .a handful of people showed up for the Million Man Child Pornographer March led by the Society of Children in Cinema United by Men (SCCUM).

The rally was staged in the conjunction with the Rights for Ancient Polygamous Elders Society (RAPES) gathering to protest the trampling of their First Amendment rights.

Spokesman Elder Skrewie for RAPES said, “Clearly, you let one infringement of our rights pass and the liberals will want to take them all. The Bill of Rights says we have freedom of religion. Read the full story


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Google Adsense Bans Us, After 10-yrs Together. Evil Suspected

Google Adsense banned us a few days ago again, as they’ve done many times before in lesser fashions. This time it was because of an article published more than 8-years ago, which had literally zero traffic, according to… well, according to Google.

Listen, dastardly bastards, if you’re motto is “do no evil,” then consider, you know, not being evil fucking bastards once in a while… I’m just saying this as a publisher. Kinda tone down the evil factor. Read the full story


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U.S. Congress Sets Fixed Price on Free Speech

A bill explicitly stating that American citizens will be allocated 1 second of free speech for every $10,000 they make a year has made its way through the Senate subcommittee process. The following is the official transcript of the final hearing:








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UK Freedom of Speech Suspended

A leading UK gutter press tabloid, the Daily Shitraker, has been barred from reporting parliamentary proceedings on legal grounds which appear to call into question privileges guaranteeing free speech established under the centuries-old 1688 Bill of Rights.

Yesterday’s House of Conmans order papers contained a question to be answered by a minister later this week. Read the full story


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