Top Ten Completely Wacko Mental Health Myths (If You Believe This Shit, You Must Be Crazy!) #1

Psychotics are dangerous and evil.

People often seem to confuse psychosis with psychopathy.
“Most people with psychosis are more likely to harm themselves than others.”
Source: NHS

Autistic people lack empathy.

Scholars such as Simon Baron-Cohen distinguish between affective empathy (compassion, ‘suffering-with’) vs cognitive empathy (understanding others). Some autistic people have very strong affective empathy, but poor cognitive empathy.

If you like keeping your room clean and tidy, you have OCD.

The word OCD, like paranoia or autism, is thrown around with casual abandon.
This is frustrating to some individuals with genuine OCD.
Here’s what actual OCD is.

“Schizophrenics? Oh, those are the dudes who keep hearing voices in their heads?”

Schizophrenia is a multi-faceted condition, and it is no more true to say all people with schizophrenia hear voices, than that all Europeans are Italian.
See more on the NHS website.

People with Tourette’s can’t stop cursing.

Verbal Tourette’s is far less common than people think.
Non-verbal Tourette’s is very real, and can also be distressing or frustrating to the person with Tourette’s, as well as to other people.


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