HORSESHOE THEORY?! Richard Spencer Endorses Batshit Neurodiversity Movement!!!


Overrated crypto-SJW and heavily closeted racial ‘Marxist’ Richard Spencer has recently come out fighting against those who dare to oppose the ‘heavily stigmatized’ faux-edgy bullshit ‘social movement’ du jour…

White rights?

Nah, more like Autistic SJW rights!

In a recent failing CNN rant that absolutely fuck-all people watched outside of the Islington Quinoa Belt and Washington/NYC/People’s Republic of Austin bubble, Spencer was played a video by a certain neurodiversity critic, who said:

Autism has been colonized by politically correct lobbyists: anti-cure ideologues have cornered the market. So I will most likely be trapped in a hostile, inflamed body for the rest of my life, all thanks to the the ‘autistic community’ (i.e. radical ‘social justice’ lobbyists who believe autism should be ‘celebrated’ and not cured.) I intend to return to this topic when I’ve got moved to a better environment or else found a way of making my current one more livable (I’m experimenting with new methods right now).
But I will continue the fight. I am not the only person who wants liberation from a hostile body.
Sooner or later, the status quo will change.
It might not be in my lifetime.
But I am fighting for future generations, no matter what the cost.
Human dignity is neither for Sundays nor Springtime.
It is imperishable, undying and neverendingly curious.

And so it was, the (self-identified’) autistic screeching finally commenced! Having absolutely no corner whatsoever for what a complete and utter fucking lunatic he looked, Icky Dicky howled:


After being dealt a few quizzical looks, he also said;


There then proceeded an absolutely unhinged stream of conciousness rant from which we have picked one barely comprehensible word salad (nicely tidied up of course, yer welcome!)…

The suicide rate for autism is sky-high? Good!

The average rate of death is far lower than most demographics? Good!

The only way to ensure a Final Solution to the autistic question is to disincentize calls for a cure, by claiming autism is a superpower, an identity and a lifestyle choice. If we can’t directly kill these fucking retards, bro, then we might as well play the long game like Chairman Mao. Capisc’?!

Left wing snowflakes were quick to distance themselves from Richard Spencer and his fellow right wing snowflakes. ‘Richard Spencer is obsessed with race-baiting and shallow identity politics, seems to believe feelz and facts, and is purely motivated by cynical ideological expediency and political opportunism,’ they assure us.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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