Top Ten Completely Wacko Mental Health Myths (If You Believe this Shit, You Must Be Crazy!) #2

How was yesterday’s piece?
Here are some more absolutely batshit crazy things I’ve noticed.

There is an ‘Autistic Community’ Who All Think the Same things.

There are autistic individuals, and some support mainstream SJW ideology; others don’t. The Autistic Dark Web is an emerging movement that questions politically correct orthodoxies like neurodiversity, or the social model of disability.

People with Asperger’s Like Being Called ‘Aspies.’

Some people with Asperger’s support twee culture, others don’t.

You Should use a Trigger Warning when Discussing Sensitive Topics, to Avoid Hurting People with PTSD.

There is no conclusive evidence that trigger warnings help people with PTSD.
Actual trauma (not the campus moral panic stuff) is complex.
Sources: Skeptic Ink, Slate.

Such-and-such a Politician is a Narcissist.

It is one thing to say people in the public eye show evidence of narcissistic traits, but it is quite another to actually make a serious diagnosis. Only a properly trained professional is able to decide.
(Oh, c’mon! Do you really need a source for this?!)

This is or that Famous Historical Personage had Autism.


Some famous people like Einstein or Jefferson may have had autism, but it is impossible to prove, at this distance in time. There are other possible explanations for unusual behaviour.

(To be honest, if you need a source for this one, you’re probably beyond help!)


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