Are Autistic People Harassers, Supremacists & Dog-Whistlers?

NB: The intended public intelligence register never went ahead, on account of my health problems. Secondly, for various reasons, I have distanced myself from the Autistic Dark Web (which I have not been involved with for some time), and I give my reasons here. I respect some specific insights from various individuals involved with that past project, but there were many difficulties with the movement that, from my perspective, were irresoluble. I will continue to keep working for a transcendence vision of autism, founded on human dignity, against the postmodernist view. Needless to say, contrary to certain arbitrary allegations that I will not dignity with a refutation here, I will always remain critical of the right wing of identity politics, as moral and logical consistency demands nothing else: see for example one of critiques of white nationalism, and a preliminary foray into battling the pernicious incel cult. Some fairly detailed retrospective reflections on my past experience of the Autistic Dark Web can be found on a recent autobiographical and ideology-critical essay of mine, which also includes a little tentative glimpse into the future as well…
After a recent update, some more intel for the Public Intelligence Register of Autistics Against Hate.
The high-level hate continues, but hopefully everyone can work together to make that change!
The slur ‘Aspie Supremacists’ is used.

So, Autistics Against Hate is falsely accused of referring to autistics (presumably including I myself?) as “diseases.” Very weird and strained misreading: is autism now a person? Or a kind of person? What does it mean?

Next, an apparent dog-whistle.
The Alt-Right claim ‘anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.’

Stop diggin, Kristin…
The public intelligence register of Autistics Against Hate is supposedly for harrassing people, rather than stopping hate…

We will have an update on the dedicated site of Autistics Against Hate. I have a few practical challenges to work through before I can finally give the all-clear. In the meantime, as always: please do not retaliate against anyone I have discussed in the context of Autistics Against Hate. We are supposed to be taking the moral high ground. Period!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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