The End of Euthanasia? New Public Intelligence Register Tracks Death Threats & Potentially Defamatory Abuse

The militant autism lobby are notorious for sending death threats and potentially defamatory abuse to autistic people, as well as autism parents.
So, the Autistics Against Hate project, previously limited to just a Twitter account alone, is now providing a detailed public intelligence register of threats and potential defamation from the neurodiversity lobby; which latter is mainly, but not exclusively, made up of the self-styled ‘autistic community.’ (The latter, like all so-called communities without exception, represent only themselves; rather than all autistic people).
The register has two purposes.
One is educational: to expose the hatemongering and bitterness of the radical autism lobby.
The second is to provide useful intelligence for those who may wish to pursue either a criminal prosecution, or a defamation lawsuit.
Here is a preview of some things you are likely to see:

Are Pro-Cure Autistics Morally Analogous to the Nazis & the KKK?

Twitter handle: @Sbaroncohen

Bio: cognitive neuroscientist; author ‘Zero Degrees of Empathy’ and ‘The Essential Difference’ (both Penguin), & ‘Mindblindness’ (MIT Press). Tweets are my opinions

Prominent centrist autism intellectual SBC, the cousin of a renowned comedian, made Nazi and KKK references in relation to a hashtag used by many autistics and autism parents. You can find a more detailed discussion here.
It is noteworthy that Professor Baron-Cohen seems to be appealing to the ubiquitous right to an opinion we’re all hearing about nowadays; I am not sure whether this was written before or after the #EndAutismNow kerfuffle. Alternatively, if he is not appealing to a right to an opinion, he may simply be trying to prevent any associates of his, such as the Autism Research Centre and the University of Cambridge, from any negative consequences from controversial tweets. Personally, I prefer people not to tweet things like the one linked to here to begin with! But then, who am I to comment on such matters?

Rage and Revulsion

Twitter handle: @KroniskDean

Bio (as of 04/10/2018): Author, photographer, social commentator, and child lost in time, Dean McIntosh is on a mission… to promote the books he is working on circulating.

Another Twitter user, Dean McIntosh, seems to think it’s OK to ‘kill’ those who ‘come to my door trying to cure me’ (sic.)

Aside from this threat, there is a factually incorrect smear about who Autistics Against Hate really are.

‘Posing as autistic’ is a very serious accusation, because it is difficult to see what this means, other than the account being non-autistics who are pretending to be autistic. This is such a serious allegation, and such a seriously false allegation, that it is going to be put on the register of potentially defamatory allegations; both for educational purposes, and to also facilitate any litigation that may proceed in future, should the decision be made to do so.

Note that the tweet also advocates criminalising internal dissent among the autism demographic. Autistics Against Hate should be shut down and undergo criminal prosecution, purely for exposing the hatred commonly expressed by the militant autism lobby; the streaming torrent of abuse, threats and defamatory smears should simply go unanswered, and anyone who tries to expose it needs to be arrested and (presumably) locked up in prison.
Next, we have the terms ‘normie apologists,’ ‘twats’ and ‘scum.’

And an accusation I mentioned earlier returns again. Apparently, Autistics Against Hate are ‘impersonating’ autistics. Another potentially defamatory accusation relates to the ostensible desire to put autistics to ‘free labour,’ or even ‘annihilate’ the autistic demographic.

And again, the Trojan Horse accusation comes up.
A ‘front for curebies.’

(The term ‘curebie’ is a slur the militant autism lobby used for pro-cure people; autistics and non-autistics alike).

Kill, Kill, Kill!

Twitter handle: @Flippycp.

she/her pronouns please 🌺🌵💟

Here is a threat to euthanise an autistic person she disagrees with. Emma says she is going to ask for permission to euthanise, i.e. ‘put down,’ a pro-cure, anti neurodiversity autistic.

NB: Autistics Against Hate do not condone retaliatory behaviour against people featured in our public intelligence discussions. If you see something we have written on any website, or on any social media outlet, that upsets you… Please do not respond with harassment or abuse of your own. We are keeping the moral high ground. Be like Jordan Peterson.

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