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Jeremy Corbyn Gaining Increased Support From Most Sectors Of British Society

Recent surveys of UK public opinion have consistently confirmed that Jeremy Corbyn is increasingly gaining support from most sectors of British society. Several major political thinktanks have urgently addressed themselves to understanding the reasons behind this surprise phenomenon.

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Damage Limitation – The Essential Checklist For Senior Managers

There comes a day in the life of many top executives, both in the public and private sectors, when aspects of professional conduct within their organisations are exposed and interpreted by the media and public in an irrationally negative light….

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UK Public Increasingly Reluctant To Express Ill-informed Opinions

An increasing number of people in the UK are declining to express definite opinions when asked about complex issues of which they know little. TV journalists first began to detect this phenomenon in early 2017 when undertaking random street interviews.

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Brexit Exposes Large Scale Corruption By EU Farmers

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has revealed that it is investigating nearly five hundred UK farms. All the investigations relate to the illegal claiming of EU farm subsidies.

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Fears Grow Of Intensified North Korean Cyber-Terrorism

An internationally respected think-tank has predicted an increase in North Korean sponsored cyber-terrorism.

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Pollsters Predict Catastrophic UK General Election Defeat For Conservatives

UK polling organisations have today published their predictions for the June 8th UK General Election. They forecast unanimously that the Conservatives will suffer a crushing defeat, losing their majority in parliament.

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