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Facebook Man Skips Attractive Woman’s Cat Pictures

INDIANAPOLIS – Drawn to an alluring profile picture of an attractive work acquaintance named Danielle, Indianapolis man Mark Vasey subconsciously skipped past all of the 24-year-old’s cat pictures Saturday. Initially clicking on her latest profile picture, which shows the young…

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Man Ponders Extra Device Chargers, Very Existence

Tonight I ran into a problem that maybe you have experienced in our current electronic age. After plugging in the cell phone, laptop, iPad, iPod, and Garmin GPS, I seem to have an extra charger with no device attached. How…

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Researchers Unlock Key to Happy Marriage: Let Wives Do Housework

Hard to believe? Then maybe you’ll believe a study which concluded that marriages where the women do all the housework while the men retreat to the parlor to smoke cigars, read the newspaper and discuss politics with other men in…

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Libyan Press Conference Misquote Causes Health Concerns for Hillary Clinton

Washington DC – ( Fresh from her overseas trip to Libya to address the current political turmoil, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid to rest her physical ailments before a questioning international press corp in lieu of reports that she…

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