Libyan Press Conference Misquote Causes Health Concerns for Hillary Clinton

Washington DC – (

Fresh from her overseas trip to Libya to address the current political turmoil, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid to rest her physical ailments before a questioning international press corp in lieu of reports that she recently visited a well-known physician before leaving on her overseas trip.

"Yes, I have a condition and Bill is helping look after it for me," stated the teary-eyed ex-First Lady.

PHOTO INSERT: Remarking about the recent press conference incident ex-president Bill Clinton said, ” Well, cute isn’t exactly the word that I’d would’ve used.”

Kate Snow (ABC News), "Exactly what is the condition Mrs. Clinton?"

"According to the doctor, I have Acute Angina," replied Ms. Clinton, "This is contrary to to what most folks believe, but it's true! It is treatable and I'll recover."

With Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi standing next to her looking stunned, the once friendly international gathering of reporters from around the globe fell silent for a moment. First, not fully understanding the words, then, not believing what was just broadcast over the international media. Soon a spreading ripple of laughter turned into a full roar as the perplexed Mrs. Clinton abruptly realized her condition wording was fully misunderstood.

"No! No! You heard it wrong….I really said ACUTE ANGINA!"

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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