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Obama Debate Prep To Include Joe Biden: Heckler

As President Obama prepares for Tuesday’s debate with failed former Gov. Mitt Romney, a new twist has been added to the normal procedure. Vice-president Joe Biden will fill-in as his opponent for the practice sessions, laughing and heckling incessantly. President…

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Extreme Yoga Takes Downward Dog Turn

Health advisers are warning people of the dangers of the extreme yoga craze that is sweeping the nation. An extreme form of yoga has been developed among a group of hardcore practitioners, in the underground yoga dens of New York,…

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Triple Negative Grocer Doesn’t Not Have No Bananas Today

Jerome Heywood, a green grocer working in Poughkeepiee, New York, has two conundra on his hands. First is the quantity of bananas he has available, but second and more importantly, is conveying this number to his befuddled customers. “It’s not…

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Suicide Bomber Gets Inspiration From Honey Boo Boo

TAIZZ, YEMEN- A suicide bomber was inspired to carry out acts of in excusable violence after the TLC affiliate in Yemen carried an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Il-Sha’if Musaad is a 27 year old engineering grad student…

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