Extreme Yoga Takes Downward Dog Turn

Health advisers are warning people of the dangers of the extreme yoga craze that is sweeping the nation.

An extreme form of yoga has been developed among a group of hardcore practitioners, in the underground yoga dens of New York, which involves various difficult postures including one where you have to turn yourself inside out.

In what is now being dubbed as Bikram-in, Bikram-out yoga, pupils are lead into increasingly difficult stretches and positions and, ultimately, the ‘inverted-you’ posture.

Practitioners of the extreme form of yoga fiercely deny any dangers posed to pupils, saying that it is carried out in a calm, supportive environment by professionals.

However, following a series of horrific injuries and odd disappearances, the authorities have had no other option than to outlaw the practice.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have requested that leaflets and an advice helpline are to be set up so that people aware of the dangers.

Jackie May, whose daughter lost a friend to Bikram-in, Bikram-out yoga and is leading the campaign in America, said it was about time health officials realised the danger of these exercises:

“It is just a terrible tragedy that it has come too late for those who have already been lost or permanently injured. People are always taking things to the extreme, not content that they can plank for 5 minutes straight they want to do the ‘inverted-you’, ‘upside-down-horse’ or ‘downward-to-face-your-grave-dog’.”

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4 thoughts on “Extreme Yoga Takes Downward Dog Turn

  1. Mark, I have also heard of such operations under taken by the CIA. There has been some speculation suggesting that the underground den are in fact informal training facilities. Conspiracies everywhere man!

  2. It is said that after mastering the physical and mental skills necessary to perform these extreme poses, you will be able to levitate, then fly, which has led both the CIA and the Pentagon to begin exploring these undergournd dens and the extreme poses. (othere have said the CIA is only interested in these poses as interrogation techniques)

  3. This pose looks so ridiculously uncomfortable and even dangerous that I now commit myself to never doing yoga, despite the amazing pants those ladies wear.

  4. These are the extreme positions. I have been performing yoga for years and the farthest I have ever gone is the “Hold leg over head, drink beer” position. While this is widely used on college campuses across the country, to really get into the higher levels you need to be sitting on a cold keg of Miller Lite to do it correctly.

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