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Memory Foam Mattress Recounts Continued Abuse

A memory foam mattress from Florida has made its first appearance in court today in a case detailing years of continued abuse by married couple Mr and Mrs Winemuff. Looking nervous the memory foam mattress took the stand and began…

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Dread Addiction of Freeitis Strikes Web Users Worldwide

The advent and incredible popularity of the Internet has resulted in an outbreak of the strange psychological malady known as ‘Freeitis’. Freeitis is a recent mental disease in which a person, growing used to getting everything for free on the…

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Pop-up Ads Ruin Life in The Matrix

The appearance of pop-up ads in everyday reality has prompted leading scientists to speculate that what we perceive as “real life” is nothing more than a virtual reality simulation. “And that’s not the bad news,” stated Dr. Zachary Smith, lead…

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Posted in Religionism

God Quietly Blessing Other Nations

HEAVEN – According to celestial insiders and various mythical figures, His Lordship and Creator of All Things, Almighty God has been quietly blessing nations other than the United States of America. Even though much of His time – which is…

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