Memory Foam Mattress Recounts Continued Abuse

A memory foam mattress from Florida has made its first appearance in court today in a case detailing years of continued abuse by married couple Mr and Mrs Winemuff.

Looking nervous the memory foam mattress took the stand and began a harrowing story of years of humiliation and physical and sexual attack.

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It was stated that Mrs Winemuff would force the memory foam mattress to dress in inappropriate flowered bed linen and would often use physical strength to force the fitted sheets on top of the mattress.

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The memory foam mattress went on to detail the extensive sexual abuse it suffered, at least once a week (the record shows that the couple were married and had two children and Mr Winemuff worked a 60 hour week so they did not always have the time). Photographs were passed to the jury of the imprints left behind in the memory foam.

The case came to light after a passer-by saw the mattress laying in the front yard and called the police.

Mr. and Mrs. Winemuff have pleaded not guilty to crimes of abuse and imprisonment and are yet to give evidence but the defense are expected to look for the psychological aspects of the case. They are expected to claim that the indentation force deflection (IFD) rating of the memory foam was inherently “asking for it”.

All other mattresses from the house have been removed and placed in to temporary care, even the small dog basket mattress.

Memory foam was developed in 1966 and since then only three such trials have come to court, caseworkers believe them to be the ‘tip of the foam-berg’.


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  1. It’s fair to say I’ve left quite an impression on my mattress, and it’s not even a memory foam one.

    Anybody have one of those? They cost a fortune, are they any good?

    I’ve slept on a Sleep Number bed. Was not impressed. Felt like I was sleeping on an air mattress, which I was.

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