Ken ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone Loses His Shit over ‘Jewish Media’ Lies

Genial wheeler-dealer, establishment radical politico wide boy/white boy and notable non-racist not-quite-Marxist-but-kinda-getting-there-a-little-bit-vulgar-Corbynite-tankie-lad Ken Livingstone…

Is currently being interrogated by Labour for his recent antisemitic comments.

Here’s Ken ‘Cheeky Chappie’ Livingstone’s latest Del-Boyishly-winsome Youtube rant:

OY! Listen ‘ere, yer FAHCKING MAHPPET! Ah ain’t got no time for this here sneaky Tory bollocks, innit!

Ah mean, eh, Ah mean t’ say, look lad! Ah ain’t never said nothing blahddy racist at all in the whole thirty five years since all ’em blahddy evil Zionist empire in Palestine and, and this ‘ere Stern gang o’ theirs, ’em be killin’ all the Muslim communities ‘n’ all them things there, ‘n’ that…

Know what Ah mean, mate?!

Nah! Ah won’t never, EVER let no ZIONIST NEOLIBERAL SHILL MEDIA CABAL ever say FAHCK ALL t’ the contrary, innit! Eh! Ah mean, Ah mean t’ say, me old son, Ah mean, look mate, Ah ain’t got a blahddy racist bone in me body! But if it weren’t for the BLAHDDY ZIONIST MEDIA SHILL EMPIRE, nobody woulda said FAHCK all about it, mate!

Ah feel oppressed. Ah feel aggrieved! Eh! Listen ‘ere lad, me be blahddy blowing chunks wi’ me BLUMMING furies! Eh? For the last BLAHDDY time, Ah ain’t no blumming racist! Yer good mate, good ol’ red Ken ‘ere, ah mean, ‘e ain’t no racist, innee?

Ah mean, eh, Ah mean, if it weren’t for all them FAHCKING JEWS, er, sorry mate, yer old Ken mean, all them BLAHDDY, BAHRSTERD ZIONIST makin’ up all them, slithery, mendacious lies about good ol’ Red Ken, you weren’ ‘ave ‘eard JACK shite about it, lad! Eh? These boy, they just ain’t t’ be trusted, lad and that’s that!

Eh! Yeah, mate! ‘Em just be proper FAHCKING useless, lying, deceptive, disingenous, Zioliberal WANKERS, lad!!!!!!!

Notable moderate political Daeshi-ist and hot-ass cloak-swishing fashionista Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi co-rants:


You should at least have the courage of your convictions, you flaming Corbynite tankie sack of crap!


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