Neocon Puts the Boot into Journalist: Foot Now Halfway Up His Own Arse

In a recent article, Justin Raimondo of wrote about notable neocon intellectual and prominent thought-leadership advocate Max Boot’s comments on Trump: apparently, he would prefer to vote for Stalin than Donald Trump.

(So, at least he doesn’t believe in so-called ‘moral equivalence.’ He’s being a good neocon, then!)

I have no idea what Boot would be inclined to write as a letter of response; and I am not aware of any such letter. So I’m going to have to use my imagination.

(After all, it’s not just neocons & liberal interventionists who have both the power and the right to unleash the dynamism of the creative imagination!)


Dear Justin Raimondo

I am absolutely disgusted with your malicious representation of my position on Trump. Let me just clarify a few things for these ignorant ‘small bombing policy’ buffoons who read your cheap-ass website. (I bet that server costs you less than a billion dollars a year!)

Here’s the offending quote in question:

After all, Bill Kristol is calling for a third party (the Neocon Party?) and Max Boot is threatening to vote for Stalin (a pretty transparent place holder for Hillary).

Oh, boy! Where to start with this one?

First of all, you referenced Bill Kristol. That was quite clearly a form of subtle innuendo.

Well, yeah! I mean, everybody knows ‘Bill Kristol’ sounds kinda like ‘Bill Clinton.’ How on earth did you ever hope to get away with that one?

Secondly, you may well think the term ‘third party’ sounds sinister, because it sounds a bit like ‘fifth column.’ But that’s just semantics, isn’t it! All you people have is semantics; while we in Washington, on the other hand, have power. So this being so, which one of us is more powerful, huh?

Tautology? Look, just quit intellectualizing this stuff and let’s just cut to the chase.

Anyway. Your comments. Your comments on me… uh, on Stalin!

Look, first of all, you’re deliberately misrepresenting my views, by presenting my words as some kind of cheap, flippant, throwaway comment. You ignorant, benighted fool! I actually meant every word of it! So don’t you dare ever, ever suggest otherwise!

Secondly, you keep taking this rigid, idealistic position that everything Stalin did was bad. You don’t want to consider the vast, perplexing constellation of purely objective and value-free, ethically neutral strategic constraints and opportunities with which Stalin was confronted. Well, I think that kind of woolly minded, fluffy, moralistic idealism is just sheer socialism! Anyone would think you were an erstwhile Russian sympathiser who’s now pretending to be pro-liberty or something!

Thirdly, I’ve had it up to here with you and your stupid, censorious magazine trying to maliciously and unpatriotically confiscate the freedom of speech of neocons! I think we will have to see what can be done about that. After all, ‘we don’t let our enemies have guns… so why should we let them have ideas?!’ Oh… well… I mean…

Look, let me just  put it this way. A lot of websites are causing us problems. But to that I say: no internet, no problem!

It really is as simple as that!


If it isn’t, we can work with that one!

Don’t ask me to say any more for now….


Originally published on Neocon Surveillance.


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