Red Ken Is Actually Trans-Jewish (1/2)

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Good ol’ Red Ken recently lost his shit here at Glossy News over media accusations of antisemitism.

He has also said ‘Technically lad, I might be a Jew meself, eh? Know what Ah mean, mate?!’

Is Ken really Jewish?

Nigel Farage comments:

Well, it does seem that this excuse really is destined to join the hallowed ranks of:

‘Some of my best customers are Jewish!’

‘I ain’t racist, I really love Bob Dylan, and er, who’s the other lad; Benjamin FAHCKING Britten?! Eh! Eh! Phwoar! Blumming NICE ONE, mate!’

And of course, dear old Tarquin Binnett’s:

‘Fiddlesticks! Welllllll, dear me, old chap! Why, I don’t have an antisemitic bone in my body, and dearest Tarquin is very far from being an antisemite, mate!

‘I mean, it’s not YOU personally… Why, it’s merely all the OTHER filthy, dirty, moneygrubbing, thieving kike scoundrels!’

Notable white celebrity and The-Chancer-Commonly-Known-As-Rachel-Dolezal adds:

I feel his pain. You know, maybe this guy is trans-racial, just like me?

You know what, I am sick of the lack of recognition our trans-Jewish community are suffering in our world today. Why the hell is the government not funding more support groups and humanities research in this area?

Hm. Maybe because there are only one or two tran-Jewish people in the whole frickin’ world?! …

If that?!

You know, this kind of privileged, arrogant, cis-goyim attitude is precisely the problem with our politics today.

And I actually think one or two oppressed trans-Jewish people is one or two billion too many; don’t you?

I’ll say!

Still, I had come back to Ken for the answers; because as notable post-Thatcherite Piers Gaveston Scameron hath quoth:

If you want a question about nothing, ask a worthless pleb on Question Time! But if you want an answer to everything, ask Ken Livingstone!

Join us next time for part 2!

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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