Madness and Outness: A Warlock’s Brew of Bantz an’ Rantz!

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All these utterly unhinged white supremacists are spreading hysteria about the supposed threat of a ‘great replacement’ aka ‘white genocide.’ Well, they are being very silly! If people in the UK or US will not do what every other society has been expected to do, tough shit! I find it very hard to be sympathetic towards Richard Spencer, Nick Griffin, David Duke, and their creepy friends. The land is not given unconditionally, and if people aren’t prepared to live a self-sacrificial, sacramental life, then maybe they should just accept the karma and cede it to people who do.

So if people of Asian and African extraction are doing a better job of fulfilling the commandment in Genesis/Bereshith, ‘Go forth and multiply,’ then by all means they should have the blessing, like Jacob; rather than Esau the Edomite, who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Racists are just sore losers. Can’t breed, won’t breed… Too bad! Let smart and successful people like Indians and Jamaicans do what others are not prepared to do. They have my blessing, not that they need it; it’s not like they’re doing anything wrong to being with. Truth hurts, eh? Too bad!ย 

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Do European Schoolkids Need a Safe Space?

Oh dear… This is just too funny! After all, no point ranting when we can troll instead… (White hat trolling of course, not black hat). Now I really do wonder how many people have literally committed suicide because people associated ice cream with happiness? (See here). SPOILER: Not very many, I suspect. In other news, Good Morning Britain featured a ‘student’ who was worried that learning about the atrocities of Hitler was having a ‘detrimental effect on the mental health’ of high school kids. Well, tough shit! I felt really uncomfortable watching Holocaust videos, but that discomfort exists for a reason.

The very idea that we should all let the Holocaust happen again in order to spare the feelz of these entitled losers is just risible. But of course, it’s only to be expected: because we are, after alll, in a society of enablement. Life is tough, but sometimes we have to staple our plums to the kilt and soldier on. I’ve had serious depression myself, and I value the compassion and assistance I have been given by many people, but nobody in this city or elsewhere acted like an enabler, and rightly so! We are living in a society where we all need to toughen up. Life ain’t easy, but artificially avoiding every hint of suffering is a purely bourgeois phenomenon; people used to laugh at monks and nuns for being ‘cowards’ and ‘fleeing reality,’ but ascetics of any tradition are actually very brave people, because they actually have something they believe in.

I’m all for being supportive of people with mental health problems; I’ve had them myself! And I’m still not quite there yet. Still, there’s a clear line to be drawn where people are just being damned unhelpful. Trying to vacuum-seal people away from all possible sources of pain or fear is not helping them grow, it is helping them shrink. This closed attitude to life wasn’t merely chosen freely by specific individuals, it has been inculculated by an entire epoch of free market propaganda. It is not ‘loving’ to tell people there is no room for growth and self-cultivation. Tough love is confused with hate.

By all means be supportive, but being supportive sometimes means a bit of a reality check. If one of my old classmates came to me and said ‘Lord Xenu is real, Scientology is the truth, and you must submit to the Mothership!’ I wouldn’t simply roll my eyes and ignore it. I would show them real love. Sadly, there are people going around promoting postmodern supremacism, wacky political and religious cults like Salafism or that garbage from Mary Baker Eddy. ‘Each to their own’ is all great until the shit finally hits the fan! There is a line somewhere, where compassion and support turn into something monstrous. Every one of us have been set a watchman: if we warn, and no-one listens, our hands are clean. But if we do not warn, the blood of our neighbour is required at our hand. Truth hurts!

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Enablement V Love

Enablement is one of the most violent things you can ever do to anyone. This particular learning process has been a huge formative influence on my life, and regardless of the pain at which it was purchased, I will treasure it forever. I think it has made me ancient, not fashionable. If people go around being perpetually oppressed and playing the victim, the only loving thing to do is to give them a hard dose of reality. It may hurt, but encouraging them is far more damaging and hurtful in the long run.

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Words Retain Their Power

The UK has just seen Guy Fawkes Day, our national holiday for edgelords, contrarians, provocateurs, and serial shit-stirring satirists, we’re going to have a little look at the word ‘extreme,’ which is an interesting word.
You can be extreme by going against human nature and universal morality, or you can be extreme by going against the pathological norms of a sick society and establishment. For example, supporting the Iraq War is extreme in the first sense, while opposing it is extreme in the second sense. So feel free to be as extreme as you like in one way, and as non-extreme as you like in t’other.
So what kind of “extremist” are you?
The right hand path or the left hand?

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Google’s War on Earth

A recent search I conducted saw ‘climate change hoax’ bring up about 118,000,000 results on Google. Now we can all be despondent, or we can be galvanised!
For one thing, it’s a good opportunities for all the great faiths of the world to clean house. Clerics and scholars who buy into Mammonism, like Simon Magus the Simonist (the first neoliberal postmodernist intellectual of the Christian world) need to be challenged, and reminded their first loyalty is to God, to Ha-Shem, to Buddha, to Waheguru, to Whoever it may be, but most certainly not to men.

Christianity, Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and everyone else must unite against the death spiral of greed and envy!

Neocons 4 Nukes

Loony Left V Rabid Right

Hey! Any of our American readers getting deja vu from what I’m about to say???

Anyone got a feeling this is gonna be the most gaffe-filled GE run of all time?

To begin with, rumour has it Mouthy Moggmentum Jacob is now being reeled in, as he’s starting to look like a liability.

With all these flamboyant Tory japes and jests about spaffing up the letterbox, a mass wave of hysterically embittered, highly strung Corbyn trolls (and that’s just the MPs!), Lib Dems grimly clapping along to the Darth-Vader like ‘Empire’ speech from Wise Guy, and a whole new world of cringe awaiting us from Monsieur Fromage and the Men of the People, shit is about to get heavy…

This is the first time in my lifetime when I remember as many as three false Messiahs running in a general election. God help us…

We must be strong and watchful, and keep our eyes on the big picture, not the honeyed words of the Mighty Handful.

That said, the whole country wanted to get rid of all these boring, centrist, neoliberal drones, and now we got what we asked for: three deluded cult leaders running in our next general election. There’s just no pleasing us, myself included…

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Top Dregs, Bottom Dregs

Anyone else notice that the more attention is being paid to how millions and millions of elite figures in the UK are serial rapists, the barriers to justice for women who have been raped get higher and higher all the time? Legislators, CPS, police and judges are all colluding together to look after their own. Call me cynical, but it’s almost as if we were looking at something that is co-ordinated and deliberate…

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Let the Witch Float

There is only one hope for America in 2020:ย #Gabbard2020 Her nomination rivals are a flaming joke.ย And Trump, the Satanic Infidel, is an utter liability with all this Real Messiah nonsense of his. And I really have no idea who is properly equipped in the Republican Party to continue the agenda WITHOUT Trump, who is already a complete millstone around the neck of the global project of decentralisation. Such a shame how the DNC are deliberately conspiring against Tulsi, in order to destroy her. They are all witch-burners who are afraid of her exceptional virtue. The Matthew Hopkins Mafia need to get out of the way and let her change things forever.

And finally…

Secret Handshakes, Secret Heartbeats

Well, that was all pretty wacky, not unlike the world we live in today. So… quick bit of advice about human nature, to end on a more chill note. After all, once you know the utter lunacy of the world, you can be lenient on those who are struggling, as we all are.

The final thing I will leave with you is a bit of advice on people who are ‘out,’ whether this refers to illnesses, disabilities, sexualities, religion or ancestry. Sometimes such people have a capacity to show support for those who are similar, even if either or both people are not open. Although one must be careful not read too much into certain behaviours, hints may SOMETIMES include: ‘unusual’ pastimes, hobbies or tastes in entertainment;ย idiosyncratic or incongruous production in the artistic or intellectual; ‘niche’ or otherwise surprising interests in specific historical figures, periods, tendencies or other historical phenomena; unusual signs of hostility, dismissiveness, compassion or concern, including ones that don’t seem to jibe well with other aspects of their personality or ‘identity’ (the latter either as real or as perceived, and either by themselves or others); peculiar reactions to real life conversations or online discussions; keeping unexpected (habitual) company, or indeed, having strange restrictions on who they spend time with; apparent logical or moral inconsistency on various topics (as though they had more than one ‘face’ to keep); secrecy or evasiveness, perhaps inconsistent or predictable.

Don’t take any of these suggestions too seriously, as people making assumptions about such matters can be dangerous. But when used correctly and respectfully, this information has the potential to be helpful. Watch for signs people may need some support and comfort.ย 

Having inspected much of the world’s madnes today, we can now sprinkle a little sanity and love ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Love peace


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