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Mass Atrocities? It’s Really Not About the Numbers

Some recent Tweets of mine, lightly edited.
Recently someone said to me the Holocaust would have been ‘less bad’ if 9 thousand were murdered instead of 9 million.
The Holocaust ain’t about the numbers, you fucking morons. Mass atrocities are about individual human suffering. Kill 1 life = murder the world!
The moral significance of mass atrocities is entirely & exclusively QUALITATIVE in character, not QUANTITATIVE. Numbers are utterly irrelevant.
Those who idly debate whether the Holocaust/Gulags/War on Terror are better, worse or the same use a similar logic to the perpetrators!
To this I can only add:
Get a grip!
P.S. For those interested in this topic, check out the notion of ‘incommensurability’ as discussed (for example) by the liberal scholars Isaiah Berlin and John Gray.

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Who Committed Mass Atrocities in the Balkans? (2/2)

Last time:

Q: Who gets to decide what is a ‘Genocide’ or a ‘Crime Against Humanity,’ and what is merely a series of purportedly less serious war crimes or atrocities?

A: Whoever has the power to do so.

It’s as simple as that. No need to overthink it.

Yes: the official narrative on the very complex Balkans conflict is no more morally reputable than the ravings of David Irving who (as is well enough known) tried to challenge the well-established facts on the vile mass atrocities committed by the Nazis. Read the full story


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Who Committed Mass Atrocities in the Balkans? (1/2)

Quick question:

Who was it that committed mass atrocities in the Balkans? Read the full story


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My Take on the Tragic Boston Marathon Massacre

It’s rare we break from comedy, but special circumstances prevail. Scroll down to see the graphic.

Don’t despair that there are a handful of psychopaths in the world, but take comfort in knowing they are out-manned and out numbered by heroes. People who run towards the disaster to help the victims.

There is video of the immediate aftermath in which you can see journalists and photographers moving fencing out of the way. They’re heroes because there job is to document, not to help, but they just can’t stop themselves when they see dire need.

This horrendous act was likely done to send a message, but what we’ve heard is a different message. That whoever you are, whatever you are, you and your cause are on the verge of extinction. Last time we were sent a message, we destroyed an entire country. No law or policy will change in your favor because of this. You just made it worse.

NOTE: I couldn’t find credit for the source image I used, but they’re welcome to have double the nothing I’ll earn from this.




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Ann Coulter’s Torrid Love Email to Radical Christian Murderer Breivik

The ever intrepid Wonki Leaks has scored another scoop with a revealing email sent by the acid blooded extreme American right winger Ann Coulter to the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Hacked from Breivik’s email account by Rupert Murdoch himself, then rehacked from Murdoch by fellow Australian Julian Assange personally, the tidbit became an instant internet smash when released. Read the full story


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Glenn Beck, Charles Manson Powwow on How to Start a Race War

Witnesses claim a shadowy figure identified as Fox News agitator, professional racist, Tea Party provocateur and self-anointed Godsend, Glenn Beck, was seen moving in and out of the visitation chambers of Corcoran State Prison recently. The target of his attention? None other than 75 year old serial killer and 60’s counterculture hero Charles Manson, or “Ol’ Koo Koo” as he is affectionately known by other inmates. Tawdry Soup was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the time-stopping psychedelic psycho to find out, “What’s Up?” It went like this: Read the full story


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Rwandan General Killed Millions, Accepted Christ, Welcomed to Heaven

Due to what some non-theists like to call a “gaping hole in theism”, General Mbutu Ngariao, perhaps best known as the Rape General, third in command during the Rwandan genocide, has been able to eleventh-hour-apologize and slip his way into the Kingdom of Heaven.

“We recognize that the whole ‘just accept Christ as your Lord and Savior’ bit may be something of a loophole, but it’s part of our doctrine and the very way we’re able to bring so many into Read the full story


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Israeli War Criminals – the New Nazis?

Israel’s Chief Minister for Genocidal Activities and former head honcho of the IDF’s ‘Brutal Thug’ Brigade – General Moshe ‘Boogie’ Slimeberg – canceled a recent visit to the UK due fears he would be summarily arrested on war crimes charges, according to the Knesset’s Office for Black Propaganda & Anti-Semitic Whingeing. Read the full story


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