Fellow Asperger’s People: ‘Society’ Owes You Nothing

Here, I am quoting some of my tweets from November 14, 2016.

You can probably guess what facets of my identity motivate these tweets.

If you have autism, ‘Society’ owes you nothing!

Show other individuals what you can do, and people/institutions can reciprocate.

Autistic victimhood & autistic entitlement are not pathways to liberation, but gilded hearses to the most mediocre of cemeteries…

Sogenannte ‘society’ does not have to unilaterally accommodate people with autism. Work on yourself first & then people can reciprocate.

If you have Aspergers and refuse to cultivate yourself, & then you find nobody talks to you & you can’t get a job, that’s on you!

I think I could really boost my income if I got into postmodern victimhood. Anyone have a suggestion as to what angle I could take?

Low income? You are not oppressed. Visa effort failed? You are not oppressed. People mock self-diagnosers? You are not oppressed.