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Donate to World 4 Washington Now! Let’s Halt the Economic Genocide of US Federal Workers!

Please show your compassion and open your hearts to the oppressed federal workers of the United States Government. Although it’s hard to believe: even prior to the far right government shutdown, many destitute, impoverished, borderline penniless federal workers were scraping…

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Equality for Women is Oppressive, and Hurts All Women, All the Time (Another Eva Luxemburg Wokepost)

Note: This was recently found posted on the door of a/the ethically sourced vegan quinoa cafe(s) in a progressive metropolitan student campus. Personally I think it’s a crock of typical vulgar-pomo intellectual garbage; but then again, Que Sais-Je? What would…

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Fellow Asperger’s People: ‘Society’ Owes You Nothing

Here, I am quoting some of my tweets from November 14, 2016. You can probably guess what facets of my identity motivate these tweets. If you have autism, ‘Society’ owes you nothing!

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