Fascists, Populists and Red-Tops: Three Marvellous Stories on an Indian Satire Site!

Yesterday, I spoke a bit about satire sites across the world; many of which you may not have heard of yet.

My Faking News (India), Charlie Hebdo and Le Canard enchaîné (France), The Ulster Fry (Northern Ireland) and Waterford Whispers (the Republic of Ireland).

I also mentioned that I had been published there.

Here are the three stories:

UK Journalism Spellchecker Mistake Lets Politicians off the Hook

It was all an honest mistake! The UK tabloids. like The Sun, The Daily Express and the Daily Mail are all the innocent victims of a mere technical gaffe!

It has recently been discovered that the word-processing software given to all British tabloid journalists have faulty spellcheckers. Every time someone wishes to type “career politicians,” the spellchecker automatically changes the word to “immigrants.”


British Tabloids Bored, Choose New Targets

Never mind foreigners and immigrants. I’m bored of criticising them.

No, you know what I can’t stand?

Ugly people.

Yes, that’s right… just sickening, aren’t they?

What could he possibly mean by that?

Click to find out more!


And finally, British politicians never sue each other. However, Nick Griffin, author of an unintentionally hilarious free-of-charge ‘treatise’ on the sexuality of the British right (among other delightful things), has been sued by jolly cider baron and business class hero Nigel Farage.


Early on, I mentioned the British tabloids. Further satire reading on this topic:

British Right-Wing Media Infiltrated by Far-Left Entryists

“Crypto-Leftie Tabloids” Conspiracy Theory: John Gray & Richard Dawkins Respond

Richard Littlejohn and Polly Toynbee Finally Reach Consensus

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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