Brian’s Funny Youtube Playlists: Part 1! Please Follow!


Brian has done so many videos on Youtube. If you haven’t followed his account yet, you can find it here.

Although I’ve introduced a lot of videos of Brian’s in the past, today I’m going to introduce a few of his playlists. Over the next few days, you will get to see all of them!

Of course, there are so many videos that there is really no shortage of individual videos, or combinations of such; the possibilities truly are endless.

First of all, mockumentaries.

Mockumentaries have shown us all the zany side of documentary-making, by way of parodying their worst excesses.

One article on Pastebin has a list of ‘The 12 Best Mockumentaries of All Time.’

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day


Waiting for Guffman

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Take the Money and Run


A Mighty Wind

Man Bites Dog

What We Do in the Shadows

Best in Show

The Rutles: All You Need is Cash

This is Spinal Tap

However, this is the age of Netflix, so Decider have put their tuppence worth in too.

But how does Brian’s Bobby Joe movie stack up?

Unsurpringly, pretty well!

Here’s the channel for his Bobby Joe Mockumentary.

If anyone reading has helped with the Crowdfunding, thank you so much on Brian’s behalf!

Once Brian’s done with this, there’s always his North Korean skit too! Another funny channel.

Very pertinent, now that Rocket Man is finally on the back foot a bit!

Will this movie prove prophetic, now that the leader of North Korea is so weak and pathetic?

Well, that’s all for now! Please remember to like Brian’s Youtube channel.

I’ll bring you more instalments later on!




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