Satire is Truly Global!


There’s a bit of a problem with the idea of World Music, insofar as it seems to mean ‘all the other guys!’

It may not be quite ‘Hate Music,’ but it’s still a little bit contentious!

A similar problem, perhaps, attaches to Global Satire.

However, it is still true that a lot of satire fans in (say) the USA or UK, would like to know more about satire outlets in countries they’re not familiar with!

Or even languages…

So, here’s a quick guide! It is by no means exhaustive in its intended or actual scope.


Faking News is from India.

However, there isn’t just a national scope here. For example, the following story links India and the global enterpreneur Elon Musk.

See also this stunning mix of homegrown hero/anti-hero Rahul Gandhi, alongside Rocket Man, Donald Trump and more!

Great stuff!

They even published my satire, as a non-Indian person; more on that one tomorrow!


Well, we all know who that is!

This English part of the website says:

Charlie Hebdo is a punch in the face….

Against those who try to stop us thinking.
Against those who fear imagination.
Against those who don’t like us to laugh.

This is beautiful, but the rest of it is even better. Happy clicking!

Psst! That’s not all! There’s also Le Canard enchaîné.

Wikipedia says the following about this humorous publication:

Founded in 1915 during World War I, it features investigative journalism and leaks from sources inside the French government, the French political world and the French business world, as well as many jokes and humorous cartoons.


Ulster Fry is from the north; named after the famous breakfast!

Waterford Whispers is from the south.

Both well worth a look!


How about you?

What other great suggestions do you have?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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