Donald J. Trump- Just The Enema America Needs.

He said he was gonna do it and, dad-gum if he didn’t gone and dooded it. The Donald provided the laxatorial stimulus needed to remove decades of inner stagnant, potentially cancerous fecal growth that had been festering our governmental tract tenaciously. Then he put his own agents to work to replace it with a faster acting drain cleaner that would not only eradicate the whole plumbing of the inner workings of Washington but eat away at the entire body of Federal government better than flesh-eating bacteria ever could.

But the Donald is accomplishing much more than just that. He is purging the entire body of the U.S. populace of its effluence. For instance, this whole silly knowing of facts; that there is a central truth to things that can be ascertained if one put his mind to it. Why go through all that work? Half truths are fluttering around like butterflies; just grab whatever suits your whim. Certain avenues of the media such as newspapers are going into rigor mortis; why not help them to their early grave? Get rid of reporters who make their living finding errors in the El Presidente’s messages. There is still plenty of room for them down at the soup lines with the other lower caste types who have lost their jobs at the newspapers. Read more Donald J. Trump- Just The Enema America Needs.


Best Foreign Gospel Songs in Ghana

Ghanaians love music, and they are also good at dancing. Whenever a new video is released, they recreate the dance performed and rename it after the song. Over the last few years, foreign gospel songs have become a darling to most Ghanaians. These songs have been composed in an enriching way as they teach, preach, and entertain. These are unique elements of music appreciated by generation Z, millennials, and the previous generations. Read more Best Foreign Gospel Songs in Ghana


Never Be Discouraged: Ten Ways Truly Great Writers Like You Are Gonna Stick To Your Guns!

If you’re a writer, always be sure to stick to your guns and be persistent! Here are a few pitfalls I’ve had to reflect upon in my own experience:

1. Yes You Already DO Know How to Write

Editors who tell you ‘they cannot tell you how to write’ are often addicted to overly short and unsophisticated writing. There was one particular editor who once told me this, but his site was one of those ones which was viral, and had genuinely funny content, and yet had stories that are VERY short.

Remember that there is more than one way to write satire (or anything else), and people who are used to providing one form of content may mistake their own subjective preferences as an objectively correct aesthetic judgment.

Please note I am not advocating relativism here; of course some styles of writing, and some specimens of writing, are objectively better than others. However, there are different criteria out there: so you can be pluralistic without being nihilistic. Nihilism and dogmatism are both to be avoided.

Of course, if you ever get an editor, try to keep an open mind, instead of always sticking with tried and tested pathways; provided, as they say, you are open minded – but not so far that your brains fall out!

2. Philistines Beware!

Some people are suspicious of refined, articulate and eloquent prose. It may be other writers on a site, or it may be trolls. Remember that those of an inferior mindset and an inferior taste cannot be expected to appreciate the aesthetically accomplished: you might as well expect an acid house fan to enjoy the operas of Bellinin or Donizetti. If you’ve lived on turkey twizzlers and chicken nuggets all your life, why would you ever go near a Peking roast duck? Read more Never Be Discouraged: Ten Ways Truly Great Writers Like You Are Gonna Stick To Your Guns!


Satirism or Satyrism?

I have an uncontrollable need to make fun of everybody while engaging in habitual and indiscriminate sex. I always liked it when a one nighter would say, “Hey, you’re a funny fucker.” But when it finally struck me as odd that I was ridiculing people during the very act of trying to make more of them, what I had assumed was a compliment now sounded more like a diagnosis.

Satyrism is the compulsive need to have sex in a man. Which has to be a typo because I have never wanted to have sex in a man. I prefer to have it in a woman. But if you switch out man for woman in the definition it made me sound like a nymphomaniac. Which I am not.

And let’s face it, satirism is the obsessive need to make fun of people. To say cruel things, turning our targets into mere caricatures and then viciously harpooning them. Our tools are exaggeration, derision, distortion and misrepresentation. And we, as a group, are quite mean when you think about it. Our only excuse is that with current events being what they are its obvious mental illness is enjoying a new found popularity. On both ends of the spear. Read more Satirism or Satyrism?


WTF?! Clumsy Corbyn Compares “Labour Against Antisemitism” Speech to “Million Hour Long Wagner Opera!” FFS!

Flamboyantly PC bitter 60s throwback Jeremy ‘Jihadi Jez’ Corbyn (not to be confused with bitter 30s throwback Nick Griffin of a rival radical socialist party) has made a surprisingly uncharacteristic gaffee to complement his ‘Zionist Media Conspiracy,‘Jewish Privilege’ and ‘Interalised Goyphobia’ gaffes…

After virtue-attending a Labour Against Antisemitism speech, the well meaning rich white male Islington socialist attempted to find the cosy Blairie middle ground between antisemitism and anti-antisemitism by smugly noting (as smugly as you can be when you always look half like a cornered feral ferret and half like like a scared rabbit caught in the headlights):

Well if you’ll forgive me for saying so, this rather reminded me of a Wagner opera. A few snatches of brilliance, irretrievably buried beneath tons of impenetrable, turgid rambling. Still, I guess the opera ain’t over till the fat Jewish lesbian sings!

As the crowd descended in uproar at the clueless, tone-deaf race-baiting of Clumsy Corbyn, the confused Trot snorted:

Oh, well, do excuse me. Now I did assume that was the most intersectional way I could possibly have put it!

As the symphonic crescendo roared and surged against Labour’s usual antisemitic leitmotifs, Emily Thornberry shrilly shrieked like a wounded swan: Read more WTF?! Clumsy Corbyn Compares “Labour Against Antisemitism” Speech to “Million Hour Long Wagner Opera!” FFS!


9 Must-Have Guarantees Every Professional Academic Writing Service Has to Offer

Nowadays, the help of online assignment writing companies is on the rise. Students from different concerns of the world actively use great services of such resources because they offer lots of benefits, including the accomplishment of merely every academic paper quickly and effectively. Accordingly, this sort of help is very popular.

It may be surprising, but many students don’t know all possible and compulsory guarantees every writing partnership must offer. This is important information. If you don’t possess this knowledge, you may be let down by an unfair website or you may not simply request a certain condition though it is available. We suggest reading this article. It is dedicated to the major guarantees every respectful and professional academic writing company like Advanced Writers must have to satisfy customers needs. Read more 9 Must-Have Guarantees Every Professional Academic Writing Service Has to Offer