Best Foreign Gospel Songs in Ghana

Ghanaians love music, and they are also good at dancing. Whenever a new video is released, they recreate the dance performed and rename it after the song. Over the last few years, foreign gospel songs have become a darling to most Ghanaians. These songs have been composed in an enriching way as they teach, preach, and entertain. These are unique elements of music appreciated by generation Z, millennials, and the previous generations.

From Nigeria and other African countries to the United States, Ghana’s foreign gospel music scene is diverse. But the reception of these foreign songs depends on among other factors, their effectiveness to pass a specific message to the audience and the possibility of the Ghanaians finding these songs exciting and using them during worship sessions. Thus, in the reception of foreign gospel music, there are elements of a song’s rank and likability.

While the likability of a foreign song is subjective, there are unique aspects of a song that make a certain track readily acceptable in Ghana. Some of those aspects make a song’s lyrics holistic, religious, and marketable. To any category of music audience, the most important thing is getting a piece of music that allows you to communicate with your Lord. It also matters to get songs that make you more vulnerable and open to blessings.

Here are some of the top foreign gospel songs across Ghana.

  1. Way Maker – Sinach

Born as Osinachi Joseph, Sinach is one of the famous Nigerian musicians. ‘Way Maker’ has been a masterpiece across Africa and other continents. The song sends its audience onto a worship mode. It reaffirms your belief in Jesus Christ. It portrays Him as a way maker, a promise keeper, and above all, a miracle worker.

  1. I Will Sing – Don Moen

‘I Will Sing’ is one of Don Moen’s greatest creations. This American gospel singer created a powerful worship track that pledges one’s loyalty to God. In simple lyrics, the song helps worshipers declare their commitment to God in spite of challenges that might arise.

  1. What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship

‘What a Beautiful Name’ has been one of the most popular Christian songs for some time now. Its lyrics are powerful and show an adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ. The track recognizes and acknowledges the name ‘Jesus’ is beautiful and can’t be compared to anything in the universe.

  1. Aka Jehovah – Gabriel Eziashi

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the hand of The Lord Jesus does great things. Eziashi created a great song that spills his heart’s content to the world, revealing the greatness of Jehovah. This is a unique gospel song that you will sing and dance to regardless of your condition, status, or location.

  1. Jehovah Is Your Name – Ntokozo Mbambo

The popular ‘Jehovah is Your Name’ is a creation of Ntokozo Mambo, a South African songstress. It is a worship track that draws its audience closer to God.

Though there are other common foreign gospel songs in Ghana, the tracks outline in this article are the most common.

Source: – Ghana news



Author: Dexter Sinistri

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