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Jeremy Corbyn Denounces ‘Islamophobic Stereotypes’ Surrounding ISIS ‘Rapists’

Fresh from throwing Sarah Champion under the off-peak Trot Train after her article about predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs, Jeremy Corbyn has continued his heroic crusade against Islamophobia… By challenging ignorant right-wing neoliberal mainstream establishment stereotypes about the Islamic State.

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Glossy News Donald Trump Fact Check (One)

Trump made a bold statement on 8/15/17 regarding infrastructure, jobs, taxes, and literally ANYTHING other than the attack that took place over the weekend.

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The ‘Moral Equivalence’ Meme After Charlottesville: An Explosion of Satire

Donald Trump has been widely condemned for his comments on Charlottesville. Many have argued that he was failing to make appropriate moral distinctions between the Nazis and the counter-protestors.

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