Jeremy Corbyn Denounces ‘Islamophobic Stereotypes’ Surrounding ISIS ‘Rapists’

Fresh from throwing Sarah Champion under the off-peak Trot Train after her article about predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs, Jeremy Corbyn has continued his heroic crusade against Islamophobia…

By challenging ignorant right-wing neoliberal mainstream establishment stereotypes about the Islamic State.

Bridal theft is wrong. Child marriage is wrong. Taking women and girls as captives and forcing them into unconsensual sex is wrong. It is really rather morally problematic, and it has to be considered so by all more or less socially and politically conscious people.

But you cannot blame an entire community, an entire state or an entire ideology for such crimes. You have to recognise these decisions made by the Islamic State for what they are, and not what the neoliberal, Islamophobic, mainstream capitalist media are cynically caricaturing it to be.

Well, I know Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre would like you all to think that the really quite problematic and unsettling actions by a very small proportion of individuals in the Islamic State are representative of the Islamic State as a whole.

But look:

White people commit rape, white people commit pedophilia, white people do all sorts of terrible things.

So do Jews.

So clearly, if you’re going to condemn and judge the entirety of the Islamic State for the actions of an embittered contingent of fringe extremists, then you’re going to have to condemn the Zionists as well, or the white people who have been committing terrible and unforgivable atrocities of all kinds.

Oh and by the way: on a slight side note, the bourgeois neoliberal centrist government of China also have some bad people too. Why aren’t we hearing about crimes committed by the Chinese community as well?

And don’t the Tokyo regime have enough blood on their hands, with the amount of young lives they have blighted and ruined with their (and please do excuse me if you haven’t heard me say this already!), their utterly unconscionable, abusive, and exploitative neoliberal establishment centrist economic policies?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese premier Xi Jinping don’t often agree.

But it’s rumored that this one time, they are laughing into their sleeves…

At this hypocritical rant from the vintage British ‘pale, male, doomed-to-fail’ paleo-Marxist ideologue, who is affectionately entitled Jihadi Jez by the ‘mainstream neoliberal establishment press…’

As some would have it.


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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