Glossy News Donald Trump Fact Check (One)

Trump made a bold statement on 8/15/17 regarding infrastructure, jobs, taxes, and literally ANYTHING other than the attack that took place over the weekend.

Reporters pushed, but Trump in traditional fashion refused entirely to address them like actual adults, which is par for his course… triple mulligan.


This is the ‘nasty woman’ nasty orange speech at the beginning. Watch out for the rather ugly and shallow Q & A tomorrow; or just follow Brian’s Youtube channel!

Some pretty shady stuff in this one, anyway. 25 years to get a fracking permit ¬†frackin’ highway-buildin’ permit?! Ohhh… And an ‘anonymous county that he ain’t mentioning, but they all know who they are?!’

More fake news fake politicians from the DC Swamp, 2.0!


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