The ‘Moral Equivalence’ Meme After Charlottesville: An Explosion of Satire

Donald Trump has been widely condemned for his comments on Charlottesville. Many have argued that he was failing to make appropriate moral distinctions between the Nazis and the counter-protestors.

While such criticisms have themselves been subject to pushback, his words remain highly controversial at best.

Here are a few satire stories, both from Glossy News and elsewhere, which are playing on Trump’s contentious framing of the recent tragic events.

First, we’ll start with a couple of fandom jokes.

Newsthump with a Star Wars parody. It wasn’t the bad guys alone who should take the blame!

Next, a Glossy News Tolkien parody. Tolkien may have said he hated allegories, but there are some pretty funny correspondences to be found here!

Pale male Grand Wizard and self-appointed leader of the Free World Saruman is not happy with the divisive and partisan rhetoric of the day.

Saruman Channels Trump: ‘The Elves and Sauron are Just as Bad as Each Other’

Next, an intriguing premise from Jenny Corvette, wittily carried out:

Trump blames Alt Left for Cross Dressed Statues

See also another disturbing piece of hers: Trump and Steve King are gonna ‘Build the Wall’ by treating food stamps recipients as the real bricks and mortar of the country.

Steve King: Build Border Wall with Food Stamp Recipients, Planned Parenthood Doctors

Finally, Donald Trump brings us back in time…

And not for the first time!

Donald Trump Blames ‘Divisive Alt-Left Troublemakers’ for Nazi Atrocities

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